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  Jardin main square  
(Jardín, Antioquia)
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"Colorful Town"

Jardin is a municipality in Colombia and best known for the painted houses. Main places to visit here are the Main Plaza, Cable-car ride, Paintball, Cave of Splendor, Dulces de Jardin, and César Moisés Rojas Peláez House of Culture. Don't forget to drink coffee as the town is famous for its coffee.

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El Jardín, often simply referred to as Jardín , is a town and municipality in the southwest region of Antioquia, Colombia. It is bounded by the Andes, Jericó, and Támesis municipalities to the north and the Caldas department to the south. The municipality is located between the San Juan river, which is called Docató by the natives, and a branch of the Western Cordillera. Jardín is identified by its preserved colonial architecture, lush vegetation, and abundant rivers and streams.

Among others, rivers that flow through Jardin include the San Juan, Claro, and Dojurgo. Trout that is caught in the local rivers is a popular dish in the area.

The national anthem of the town is "Hymn to Jardín". Mean daily temperatures are 19°C with moderate humidity.


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