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  Puerto Nariño  
(Puerto Nariño, Amazonas Department)
Colombia > Amazonas > Puerto Nariño

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"A Great Municipality"

There are almost 6,000 residents in this municipality and the whole city is pedestrian. There is no motorbike or any other vehicle available in this city. And that's what makes this place worth visiting. The name of this place is based on the name of Antonio Nariño - who was an activist and took part in the fight against Spanish reign.

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Puerto Nariño

Puerto Nariño is the second municipality of the Amazonas department of Colombia, located on the shore of the Amazon River.

It has about 6,000 residents, most of them are indigenous and its specificity is that it is entirely pedestrian, no car or motorcycle being allowed, as an experiment in an ecological community. The traffic with the smaller communities along the river, and with Leticia, the only other Colombian municipality in the region, takes place by motorboats.

Its name comes from a famous Colombian general, Antonio Nariño, who took an active part in the independence war against the Spanish occupiers.


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