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  Palazzo del Giardino  
(Provincia di Mantova, Lombardia)
Italy > Mantova > Palazzo del Giardino

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"Can't Ask For More "

It is accessed through the various rooms on the first floor of Palazzo Giardino. Even if the works of art by Vespasiano Gonzaga are no longer present, the charm of this peculiar area of ​​the building remains unchanged. Particularly noteworthy is the perspective effect that can be appreciated on the shorter sides of the salon. Naturally Recommended.

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Galleria degli Antichi and Palazzo del Giardino

The Galleria degli Antichi and the Palazzo del Giardino are adjacent, contemporaneous, Renaissance-style buildings located on Piazza d`Armi #1 in Sabbioneta, in the Province of Mantua, region of Lombardy, Italy. Prior to 1797, the buildings were connected to the Rocca or Castle of Sabbioneta , and the gallery once housed the Gonzaga collection of antique Roman statuary and hunting trophies. While the architectural design of the gallery is striking, the richness of the interior decoration of the palazzo is also dazzling.


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