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  Bassano del Grappa  
(Province of Vicenza, Veneto)
Italy > Vicenza > Bassano del Grappa

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Bassano del Grappa is a little town in northern Italy, about a half hour's drive north of Vicenza, in the Alpine foothills. It is famous for being on the front lines of WWI in Italy, and also for a wooden bridge designed by Palladio.

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Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa ">baˈsaŋ/ or Bassan/Bassàn ) is a city and comune, in the Vicenza province, in the region Veneto, in northern Italy. It bounds the communes of Cassola, Marostica, Solagna, Pove del Grappa, Romano d'Ezzelino, Campolongo sul Brenta, Conco, Rosà, Cartigliano and Nove. Some neighbourhoods of these communes have become in practice a part of the urban area of Bassano, so that the population of the whole urban area is higher than the population of Bassano proper.

The artist Jacopo Bassano was born, worked, and died in Bassano and took it as his surname. Bassano Del Grappa is also famous for inventing the spirit Grappa, traditionally an after-dinner drink made from pomace .


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