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  Quin Abbey  
(Clare, County Clare)
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"Beautiful Ruins"

Quin Abbey is a well-preserved ruin located in County Clare, Ireland. It was built in the 14th century and is known for its hauntingly beautiful cloisters. Its architectural features are of historical significance and offer the visitors a stunning view.

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Quin Abbey

Quin Abbey is a ruined Franciscan abbey or friary in Quin, roughly 9 miles from Ennis, County Clare in Ireland. The friary was founded around 1402 by Síoda Cam MacNamara and became an Observant Reformed house in 1433. While many friaries were founded on the site of earlier religious houses and monasteries, Quin friary occupies the site of the Anglo-Norman de Clare fortress that was built after 1278 and destroyed in 1318. The remains of the castle are still visible as they were incorporated into the friary, with the foundations of three of the corner towers of the curtain wall surviving to varying degrees. The abbey continued to be inhabited by a small number of friars until 1820. Despite its suppression and suffering repeated attack in the sixteenth century, substantial remains of the friary survive, making it one of the most intact medieval Franciscan friaries in Ireland. Today, Quin Abbey is a National Monument .


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