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  Friary of Ross (Ross Errilly Friary)  
(Galway, County Galway)
Ireland > Galway > Friary of Ross (Ross Errilly Friary)

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"Hauntingly Beautiful"

It is one of the most remarkable and well-preserved Franciscan friaries in Ireland. The monastic ruin is a lovely sight that evokes a melancholy feeling when one thinks about the sheer majesty and grandeur with which the ruins may have stood in the past. The friary has the 15th-century architecture.

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Ross Errilly Friary

The Ross Errilly Friary is a medieval Franciscan friary located about a mile to the northwest of Headford, County Galway, Ireland. It is a National Monument of Ireland and among the best-preserved medieval monastic sites in the country. Though usually referred to by locals as "Ross Abbey," this is not technically correct as the community never had an abbot.

The church and bell tower are to the south of a small but well preserved central cloister and domestic buildings are to the north. Amongst these are a kitchen , a bake house, and a refectory or dining area. The dormitories are on the upper levels. One unusual feature is a second courtyard or cloister, built to accommodate the friary's growing population.

Like many other abandoned Christian sites in Ireland, Ross Errilly has continued to be used as a burial ground by area residents. In addition to tombs that date from the friary's active period, many graves dating from the 18th through 20th centuries can be found inside the church walls. In some cases, tombstones comprise the floors of walkways and crawlspaces.


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