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  Dún Duchathair  
(Galway, County Galway)
Ireland > Galway > Dún Duchathair

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"Just Brilliant "

Awesome! We took a flight over to the island and got in well before the first ferry. This meant we had this fort to ourselves, truly a special place. Amazing view of sheer cliffs and crashing waves. Not accessible. Moderate to difficult hike to arrive.

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Dún Dúchathair

Dún Dúchathair or simply Dúchathair , meaning "black stone ringfort", is a large stone fort on Inishmore in County Galway, Ireland. Due to erosion, it now sits on a rocky promontory that stretches out into the sea. On its outer side there are large walls, reaching 6 metres high and 5 metres wide. On the inside are the ruins of various rooms, possibly "beehive" huts. There is also evidence of a cheval de frise protecting the entrance.


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