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  The Model. Home of The Niland Collection.  
(Sligo, County Sligo)
Ireland > Sligo > Sligo > The Model. Home of The Niland Collection.

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"Modern Art Gallery"

The Model, home of The Niland Collection, is one of the leading contemporary art centers. It features numerous international standard exhibitions of acclaimed local and international modern-day artists. It is known for its support of the projects that critically explore the impacts of war and contemporary religions. The project boasts impressive purpose-built art studios that offer an astonishing view of the city. This award-winning building hosts extraordinary Niland Collection of art, one of the most celebrated collections in Ireland.

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Model Arts and Niland Gallery

Model Arts and Niland Gallery, also called The Model, home of the Niland Collection, is a contemporary arts centre and gallery space in Sligo, Ireland. The Model houses several exhibition spaces focusing on contemporary art and education activities, a collection of 20th century Irish art called The Niland Collection, a cinema/venue for concerts, and an artist-in-residence programme. The Niland part of the name refers to the former Sligo County librarian Nora Niland.


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