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  Rosses Point  
(Sligo, County Sligo)
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"A charming village surrounded by the gorgeous view of the peninsula"

Imagine spending a day by the beach, soaking in the sun (that is if it isn't windy and rainy like most days) and sipping in coffee at the nearest cafe, Rosses Point is just about that. If you enjoy swimming or taking a stroll, this place is just perfect on a low tide day. We loved it here and would have gone back if time permitted.

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Rosses Point

Rosses Point .") is a village in County Sligo, Ireland and also the name of the surrounding peninsula. The point guards Sligo Harbour and is marked by the Metal Man lighthouse, a 3.7 metre high guardian statue placed offshore by local seafarers in 1821 and maintained by the Commissioners of Irish Lights. Rosses Point is home to the Sligo Yacht Club and the County Sligo Golf Club, which hosts the annual West of Ireland Championship.

In 1985 at Streedagh Strand, north of Rosses Point, marine archeologists uncovered the wrecks of three ships of the Spanish Armada, La Lavia, La Juliana, and Santa Maria de Vison, which a storm drove onto this coast in September 1588.

The poet William Butler Yeats and his brother, the artist Jack Butler Yeats, spent their summer holidays at Elsinore House, in Rosses Point.

The "Waiting on Shore" monument, appropriately situated near the RNLI lifeboat station, depicts a woman holding her arms out to sea. A plate at the base includes the following:

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution Sligo Bay Lifeboat Station is built next to the pier which harbours a number of fishing vessels. Ewing's Sea Angling and Boat Charters also operate from here and offer a variety of services including deep sea angling, reef fishing, shark fishing , island services to Coney Island and Inishmurray, and ecotourism cruises.

Elsinore house was the seat of the Middleton Family where the Yeats brothers spent many a summer with their cousins. The house was built by the smuggler John Black or Black Jack. It is said to be still haunted by the ghosts of smugglers tapping on the windows at night. The house has fallen into disrepair and, even though restoration plans have been proposed, it remains derelict.

Plastic Bullet, a punk rock band from Milan have dedicated a song to Rosses Point.


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