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  Lissadell House  
(Sligo, Sligo)
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"Stunning views, fabulously maintained interiors and an amazing garden! "

Expect to spend nearly three hours here. We wandered through the beautiful alpine gardens and took the guided house tour. There are a coffee shop and a gift shop on the premises too. This beautifully restored estate is situated on the beach shores and has so much historical relevance to the place.

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Lissadell House

Lissadell House is a neo-classical Greek revivalist style country house, located in County Sligo, Ireland.

The house was built between 1830 and 1835, and inhabited from 1833 onwards, for Sir Robert Gore-Booth, 4th Baronet by London architect Francis Goodwin. In 1876, Sir Robert left the house and surrounding estate to his son, Sir Henry Gore-Booth, 5th Baronet.


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