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  Buland Darwaza  
(Agra, Uttar Pradesh)
India > Uttar Pradesh > Buland Darwaza

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"The Gate of Victory"

Buland Darwaza is an epitome of the Mughal style of architecture, and it is the highest gateway in the world. The Darwaza is 50-meter tall and is built on the southern wall of the Jamia Masjid. This massive "Gate of Magnificence" serves as the main entrance of the palace in Fatehpur Sikri.

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Buland Darwaza

Buland Darwaza ">[ˈbʊlənd̪ d̪ərˈʋaːzaː]), or the "Gate of Magnificence", was built in 1601 A.D. by Akbar to commemorate his victory over Gujarat. It is the main entrance to the palace at Fatehpur Sikri, a town which is 43 km from Agra, India.

Buland Darwaza is the highest gateway in the world and is an example of Mughal architecture. It displays Akbar's empire.


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