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"Tidiest Town in Ireland"

Renowned as the tidiest town in Ireland, Glenties is a small but beautiful village in County Donegal. It is also the birthplace of the celebrated Poet, Patrick MacGill. A famous structure in the town is the St. Conal church known for its "dramatically bold and angular form" and skilfully sited building. The best way to enjoy the serenity of the town is through short walks around the area.

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Glenties is a village in County Donegal, Ireland. It is situated where two glens meet, north-west of the Bluestack Mountains, near the confluence of two rivers. Glenties is the largest centre of population in the parish of Iniskeel. Glenties has won the Irish Tidy Towns Competition five times in 1958, 1959,1960, 1962 and 1995 and has won a medal many other times. The current population of Glenties is 869.


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