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"More Than A Village "

If the only reason you're going to Port is to see the deserted village, then you might be disappointed. Sure it's cool, but the real star of the show is the surrounding hills, footpaths, and stunning seascapes. However, a must visit.

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Teileann is a Gaeltacht village in County Donegal, Ireland. It is near Slieve League, at the northwest end of Donegal Bay. Its population is about 250–300.

The village is noted for fishing, scuba diving, and traditional music. It has a fine deep harbour and boat launching facilities with safe mooring. It is an Irish-speaking community, and has been the subject of many linguistic studies.

Teelin is home to Coláiste Aoidh Mhic Bhricne, an Irish language college which attracts teenagers from across the province of Ulster. The college has been open in its current existence since 1955.

Teelin was one of the first settlements to appear on maps of Ireland, as it was an important port.

The folklorist Seán Ó hEochaidh is from Teelin.


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