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  Capitoline Hill  
(Città Metropolitana di Roma, Lazio)
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"Simply Amazing Place "

Capitol is one of the most important Hill in the world. Here when you climb on the stairs you could rest, have great view for the city and Forum Romanum, visit the museum, it just look at statue of Marc Aurelius and or wolf who is feeding two boys Romus and Remus. Worth seeing place and got me one from the have to see places in Rome.

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Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline Hill ">[ˈkɔllɪs kapɪtoːˈliːnʊs]; Italian: Campidoglio [kampiˈdɔʎʎo]), between the Forum and the Campus Martius, is one of the Seven Hills of Rome.

The hill was earlier known as Mons Saturnius, dedicated to the god Saturn. The word Capitolium first meant the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus later built here, and afterwards it was used for the whole hill , thus Mons Capitolinus . Ancient sources refer the name to caput and the tale was that, when laying the foundations for the temple, the head of a man was found. Some sources even saying it was the head of some Tolus or Olus. The Capitolium was regarded by the Romans as indestructible, and was adopted as a symbol of eternity.

By the 16th century, Capitolinus had become Capitolino in Italian, and Capitolium Campidoglio. The Capitoline Hill contains few ancient ground-level ruins, as they are almost entirely covered up by Medieval and Renaissance palaces that surround a piazza, a significant urban plan designed by Michelangelo.

Influenced by Roman architecture and Roman republican times, the word Capitolium still lives in the English word capitol. The Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. is widely assumed to be named after the Capitoline Hill, but the causation is not clear.


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