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  St. Andrew's at The Quirinal  
(Città Metropolitana di Roma, Lazio)
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"Beautiful architecture and great history"

Wandering through the streets of Rome, we came across this beautiful Roman Catholic titular church. Apart from the architecture of the building, the church has some great displays of sculpture and painting too. If you are walking by and taking a stroll in the streets here, this church is highly recommended.

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Sant'Andrea al Quirinale

The Church of Saint Andrew's at the Quirinal is a Roman Catholic titular church in Rome, Italy, built for the Jesuit seminary on the Quirinal Hill.

The church of Sant'Andrea, an important example of Roman Baroque architecture, was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini with Giovanni de'Rossi. Bernini received the commission in 1658 and the church was constructed by 1661, although the interior decoration was not finished until 1670. The site previously accommodated a 16th-century church, Sant'Andrea a Montecavallo. Commissioned by former Cardinal Camillo Francesco Maria Pamphili, with the approval of Pope Alexander VII, Sant'Andrea was the third Jesuit church constructed in Rome, after the Church of the Gesù and Sant'Ignazio. It was to serve the Jesuit novitiate, which was founded in 1566. Bernini considered the church one of his most perfect works; his son, Domenico, recalled that in his later years, Bernini spent hours sitting inside it, appreciating what he had achieved.

It has served as the titular church of Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Scherer since 2007.


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