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  Quirinal Palace  
(Città Metropolitana di Roma, Lazio)
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"Amazing Experience "

I took the guided tour in Italian. You need to book online and pick up the tickets at an office near the Palace. As it's the Presidents residence security is tight and you need to bring your passport. It's definitely worth a look inside the palace and around the gardens.

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Quirinal Palace

The Quirinal Palace is a historic building in Rome, Italy, one of the three current official residences of the President of the Italian Republic, together with Villa Rosebery in Naples and tenuta di Castelporziano. It is located on the Quirinal Hill, the highest of the seven hills of Rome. It has housed thirty Popes, four Kings of Italy and twelve presidents of the Italian Republic. The palace extends for an area of 110,500 square metres and is the ninth-largest palace in the world in terms of area. By way of comparison, the White House in the United States is one-twentieth of its size. The Quirinal Palace is unique in the world because from 1583 is associated with the Latin concept of Auctoritas: no other building in the world has this chronological thickness.


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