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  Palazzo Farnese  
(Città Metropolitana di Roma, Lazio)
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"Cool Place "

We stopped here after ending our 1st day in Rome by walking through Piazza Navona. We did not have reservations and they went out of their way to get us a nice little outdoor table while they were busy and had incoming reservations to handle. Party of 3 and from our appetizers to our wine to our dinner - everything was AMAZING.

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Palazzo Farnese

Palazzo Farnese ">[paˈlattso farˈneːze; -eːse]) or Farnese Palace is one of the most important High Renaissance palaces in Rome. Owned by the Italian Republic, it was given to the French government in 1936 for a period of 99 years, and currently serves as the French embassy in Italy.

First designed in 1517 for the Farnese family, the building expanded in size and conception when Alessandro Farnese became Pope Paul III in 1534, to designs by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. Its building history involved some of the most prominent Italian architects of the 16th century, including Michelangelo, Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola and Giacomo della Porta.

At the end of the 16th century, the important fresco cycle of The Loves of the Gods in the Farnese Gallery was carried out by the Bolognese painter Annibale Carracci, marking the beginning of two divergent trends in painting during the 17th century, the Roman High Baroque and Classicism. The famous Farnese sculpture collection, now in the National Archeological Museum of Naples, as well as other Farnese collections, now mostly in Capodimonte Museum in Naples, were accommodated in the palace.


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