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  Turtle Fountain  
(Città Metropolitana di Roma, Lazio)
Italy > Roma > Rome > Turtle Fountain

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"Comfortable Place "

Quiet little plaza under video surveillance. Don't go swimming! There are some restaurants nearby. A specialty hot chili store with a huge selection of unheard of peppers is near the fountain. Just down the street is an odd Harry Potter shoppe.

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Fontana delle Tartarughe

The Fontane delle Tartarughe is a fountain of the late Italian Renaissance, located in Piazza Mattei, in the Sant'Angelo district of Rome, Italy. It was built between 1580 and 1588 by the architect Giacomo della Porta and the sculptor Taddeo Landini. The bronze turtles around the upper basin, usually attributed either to Gian Lorenzo Bernini or Andrea Sacchi, were added in either 1658 or 1659 when the fountain was restored.


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