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  Pisa Baptistery of St. John  
(Provincia di Pisa, Toscana)
Italy > Pisa > Pisa > Pisa Baptistery of St. John

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"Loved or tour to the Pisa Baptistery"

One of the sacred locations during our tour, Pisa Baptistery is Roman Catholic ecclesiastical building in Pisa. Extravagant ornated interiors with massive domes have never been restored, but well preserved. Pisa Baptistery was a part of our tour itinerary and worth the visit. The location has a Very interesting history too.

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Pisa Baptistery

The Pisa Baptistery of St. John is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical building in Pisa, Italy. Construction started in 1152 to replace an older baptistery, and when it was completed in 1363, it became the second building, in chronological order, in the Piazza dei Miracoli, near the Duomo di Pisa and the cathedral's free-standing campanile, the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The baptistery was designed by Diotisalvi, whose signature can be read on two pillars inside the building, with the date 1153.


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