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  Pisa Charterhouse  
(Provincia di Pisa, Toscana)
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"Exciting Place "

A splendid religious building that currently houses the Museum of Natural Sciences of the University of Pisa, with collections dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries supplemented by more recent acquisitions. The spaces of common life of the friars, embellished with frescoes and baroque stuccoes, can also be visited.

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Pisa Charterhouse

Pisa Charterhouse, also known as Calci Charterhouse , is a former Carthusian monastery, or charterhouse, currently the home of the Museo di storia naturale e del territorio dell'Università di Pisa , located in the comune of Calci, some 10 km outside Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

The monastery is noted for the fresco of the Last Supper, by Bernardino Poccetti , in the refectory.


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