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  Torre Guinigi  
(Provincia di Lucca, Toscana)
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"Just Amazing "

Amazing views and incredible experience. Not for the feint of heart as the trek requires ascending multiple staircases with a few of them tight. Once on top though you are treated to magical views of the city with impossible trees growing out of the roof. Just 4€, may be the best value in town.

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Guinigi Tower

The Torre Guinigi is the most important tower of Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy. It is a typical example of local Romanesque-Gothic architecture.

This tower is one of the few remaining within the city walls. Its main characteristic is its garden in the sky on the roof of the tower.

The tower has been donated to the local government by the descendents of the Guinigi family.

The ancient trees are Holm Oaks symbolising rebirth and renewal. The tower dates from the 1300s when a number of wealthy families were building bell towers within the walls of Lucca as status symbols. The kitchen was originally on the floor below with the rooftop serving as a kitchen garden.


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