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  Parco del Monte Subasio  
(Provincia di Perugia, Umbria)
Italy > Perugia > Parco del Monte Subasio

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"Charming Place "

Suggestive. Hidden in the woods, only on foot, is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Europe. Only I do not remember the name. They also do hospitality. But it does not appear on any map, but with Googles I invite anyone to find it because I was impressed by how beautiful it was.

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Monte Subasio

Mount Subasio is a mountain of the Apennine mountains, in the province of Perugia, Umbria, central Italy. On its slopes are located the ancient towns of Assisi and Spello.

The mountain stands about 1290 metres above sea level.

Its pink colored stones were used for many Franciscan buildings at the World Heritage site of Assisi. The area is included in the natural park Parco del Monte Subasio.


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