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  Mole Antonelliana  
(Città Metropolitana di Torino, Piemonte)
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"Simply Outstanding "

Excellent place! More than a museum. Probably the best museum ever saw. Really a must to visit. Respect to all starting from Jews up to modern stuff. Only one problem - to get it. Hours and hours line. Anyway don't miss it.

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Mole Antonelliana

The Mole Antonelliana ">[ˈmɔːle antonelˈljaːna]) is a major landmark building in Turin, Italy, named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli. A mole in Italian is a building of monumental proportions.

Construction began in 1863, soon after Italian unification, and was completed in 1889, after the architect's death. Originally conceived of as a synagogue, it now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, and is the tallest museum in the world.. A representation of the building is featured on the obverse of the Italian 2 cent euro coin.


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