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  Santuario della Natività di Maria - Regina Montis Regalis  
(Provincia di Cuneo, Piemonte)
Italy > Cuneo > Santuario della Natività di Maria - Regina Montis Regalis

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"Lovely Experience "

We decided to spend Easter in the Provinces of Cuneo, and our first stop was here, at the Sanctuary, it looks amazing and majestic, it is one of the most famous in the region of Piedmont and the biggest in the world, the elliptical dome has wonderful frescoes, really a nice place to visit and see it for yourself and not just in photos, the place is surrounded by arcades with shops and bars.

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Sanctuary of Vicoforte

The Santuario di Vicoforte is a monumental church located in the commune of Vicoforte, province of Cuneo, Piedmont, northern Italy. It is known for having the largest elliptical cupola in the world.


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