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(Province of Cuneo, Piedmont)
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"History, Peace and Adventure"

Carrù is situated in a relatively remote region of Italy. It is perfect for anyone looking for a small taste of adventure or for someone looking to spend a few peaceful hours. The long walks underneath the star can be very therapeutic, it has a few tourist spots and museums.

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Carrù is a comune in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 70 kilometres south of Turin and about 30 kilometres northeast of Cuneo.

Carrù borders the following municipalities: Bastia Mondovì, Bene Vagienna, Clavesana, Farigliano, Magliano Alpi, Mondovì, and Piozzo. Luigi Einaudi, the first official republican President Italy, was born in Carrù. The town also saw the passage of the troops of Napoleone Bonaparte during his campaign in Italy.


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