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  Catedral de Santa María  
(Navarra, Navarra)
Spain > Navarra > Pamplona > Catedral de Santa María

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"Attractive Place "

While I was hoping to catch an evening mass, I instead got a nice evening Rosary procession around the Cathedral. It is a stunning church and the faithful here are very devout. I am so glad I stopped in. Recommended.

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Pamplona Cathedral

The Pamplona Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in the archdiocese of Pamplona, Spain. The current 15th century Gothic church replaced an older Romanesque one. Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of other two previous churches. The Neoclassical façade was designed by Ventura Rodríguez in 1783. It has a 13th-14th-century Gothic cloister, that gives access to two other Gothic rooms: the Barbazan chapel and the refectory. The Mediaeval kings of Navarre were crowned there and some of them were also buried. The Navarrese Cortes was held there even during the early modern ages.


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