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Illustrative picture for Ajmer - India
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Top 3 places to see in Ajmer

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Ghats Full review
avatarpicture alfonsonikolaus THE BEST REVIEW
A Beautiful Mountain Range : A good place to visit during monsoons of india or the time in August when it’s closer to its end. We went out at night in a group to explore the reptiles of the region and spotted this beautiful green snake hidden in the greens of a tree waiting for its pray.

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Savitri Mata Temple Full review
avatarpicture ethannorid THE BEST REVIEW
Quite Place : View of pushkar city from this place is superb. We went for sunset and it was good. The rope if ok , thought the rope was stops in the middle to have the view of the city, the glass windows are very old and can't see anything from the trolly cars in rope way.

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Temples in Pushkar
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My trip to India

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