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Top 13 places to see in Arica

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Museoâ Arqueologico San Miguel de Azapa Full review
avatarpicture roxanekohl THE BEST REVIEW
One of the most ancient documentation of history: The San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum is one of the hot spots of the region with artifacts that are over ten thousand years old. It includes anthropological remains and striking surroundings of wild life. One of the main attractions here are the mummies of Chinchorro and they are remarkable. There are approximately over twenty thousand pieces in the museum which cover a diverse range of a…

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San Marcos Church Full review
Travel picture of San Marcos Church
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
A heavenly experience in the city's most righteous location: With a beautiful exterior and interior, the St. Mark's Cathedral is a public favorite and deserves all the praise. The location of the church is so wholesome with small stalls nearby and a park as well, you can't help but feel a sense of joy wash over you. The interior of the church is well-maintained and exquisite and we enjoyed exploring it. Highly recommend this spot during the spring time as …
The St. Mark's Cathedral also called Arica Cathedral It is a Catholic church that is located in t… [..]

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La Lisera Beach
Rate 3 stars
El Laucho Beach
Rate 3 stars
Las Machas Beach
Rate 3 stars
Valle de Azapa
Rate 3 stars
Socoroma is a village in the Arica and Parinacota Region, Chile. It lies off Ru…
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Rate 3 stars
Ex Aduana De Arica
Rate 3 stars
Museo de Sitio Colón 10
Rate 3 stars
Morro de Arica
Travel picture of Morro de Arica Morro de Arica is a steep hill located in the Chilean city of Arica. Its height…
Rate 3 stars
Casa Bolognesi
Rate 3 stars
Chinchorro Beach
Rate 3 stars

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