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Illustrative picture for Cordoba - Spain
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Top 18 places to see in Cordoba

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Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba Full review
Travel picture of Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
avatarpicture jessybarhinger THE BEST REVIEW
An Islamic architectural wonder with a great display of art: Massive arched pillars, beautiful frescoes and is an impressive place of worship. It is one of the world's greatest works of Islamic architecture with a vibrant display of culture. This mosque is filled with history and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We loved and enjoyed every bit of our site seeing in this mosque.
The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba , also known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba and the Mezquita, wh... [..]

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Judería Full review
Travel picture of Judería
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
Beautifula parks andd green space..: Most of the Spanish cities and town are filled with beautiful parks and green spaces...Leon a city city packked with history , culturee, and genuine spanish character,,,these beautiful parks attarct me everyone enjoyed veryy happyily for a long timee they are were taking picture for makining these memories..

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Medina Azahara - Conjunto Arqueológico Madinat al-Zahra Full review
Travel picture of Medina Azahara - Conjunto Arqueológico Madinat al-Zahra
avatarpicture janeortico THE BEST REVIEW
Adorable trip..: with their awe inspiring volcanic landscape gorgeous beaches year round sunshinee, and charming laid -back atmosphere...that 's something you rarely find in europe... very precious time which i spend in that dayss having fun with my friends...a stuungig tour which i ever enjoyed.. lovedd this tour..
Medina Azahara is the ruins of a vast, fortified Arab Muslim medieval palace-city built by Abd-a... [..]

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Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs Full review
Travel picture of Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos , also known as the Alcázar of Córdoba, is a medieval Alcázar... [..]

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Torre De Calahorra Full review
Travel picture of Torre De Calahorra
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
Historic centre of Córdoba: This tower is standing on the left bank of the river we were so lucky that we went there with a guide, who gave us a very detailed explanation about all the tools and paintings that illustrated the marvelous Islamic history in Cordoba.. Of course we enjoyed climbing all the way to the Top and enjoyed an extraordinary view of the bridge and the city. it was such a best tour of my life.
The Calahorra Tower is a fortified gate in the Historic centre of Córdoba, Spain, of Islamic ori... [..]

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Palacio de Viana Full review
Travel picture of Palacio de Viana

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Museo Julio Romero De Torres Full review
Travel picture of Museo Julio Romero De Torres
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Great Place : A small but fantastic museum focusing on the work of a little known but talented painter. The painting mix somewhat subtle eroticism, Catholic faith, and a live for Cordoba, it's art, and culture. The museum can be visited quickly, but really does deserve one's time!

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The Museum of Fine Arts Full review
Travel picture of The Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts of Córdoba is a museum founded in 1844 in Córdoba . It is located in Plaz... [..]

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Castillo Almodóvar del...
Travel picture of Castillo Almodóvar del Río Castillo de Almodóvar del Río is a castle of Muslim origin in the town of Al...
Rate 3 stars
Plaza del Potro
Travel picture of Plaza del Potro The Plaza del Potro is a public square in the Spanish city of Córdoba. Rectan...
Rate 3 stars
Plaza de la Corredera
Travel picture of Plaza de la Corredera
Rate 3 stars
Plaza de las Tendillas
Travel picture of Plaza de las Tendillas
Rate 3 stars
Roman temple of Córdoba
Travel picture of Roman temple of Córdoba The Spanish city of Córdoba has the remains of a Roman temple, which was disc...
Rate 3 stars
Iglesia de San Pablo
Travel picture of Iglesia de San Pablo San Pablo is a church and former convent in Córdoba, Andalusia, southern Spai...
Rate 3 stars
Museo Arqueologico
Rate 3 stars
Puerta del puente
Travel picture of Puerta del puente The Puerta del Puente is a Renaissance gate in Córdoba, Andalusia
Rate 3 stars
Museo Taurino de Córdoba
Travel picture of Museo Taurino de Córdoba
Rate 3 stars
Casa museo Arte sobre ...
Rate 3 stars
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