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Top 18 places to see in Haora

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Indian Museum Full review
avatarpicture derrickoreil THE BEST REVIEW
A stroll through the ages : Founded in 1814, Indian Museum is the biggest Museum in the Indian subcontinent. Nestled in the of Calcutta, this magnificent building houses an exquisite collection of historical artefacts, ornate sculptures, skeletons, and fascinating Mughal-era paintings. Highlights include the Gandhara Gallery, the Coin Gallery, the Bharat Gallery, and the Bronze Gallery.
The Indian Museum is the largest and oldest museum in India and has rare collections of antiques, a… [..]

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Potters quarter Full review
Travel picture of Potters quarter
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Artistic Place where Hindu deities are sculpted: It is a traditional village, in Kolkata, where potters intricately and carefully sculpt the idols of Hindu deities that are to become the centre-piece of Kolkata's many vivid religious ceremonies. It is an astonishing place where one can behold the spectacle of deities being created out of the clay and then adorned with colourful decorations.
Kumortuli is a traditionally potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata , the capital of the east India… [..]

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Sheetalnathji Temple Full review
Travel picture of Sheetalnathji Temple
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
Enchanting Beauty: This temple is a famous pilgrimage site of Jainism. The wonderful idol with glittering diamonds on the forehead is a major attraction. The temple is an architectural masterpiece. From the flamboyantly decorated exterior to the fascinating chandeliers hangings from the ceilings, stunning floral patterns on the marble floors and mosaic patterns carved out of colourful glass make this temple a Shan…
Calcutta Jain Temple is a Jain temple at Badridas Temple Street and a major tourist attraction in … [..]

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Academy of Fine Arts Full review
Travel picture of Academy of Fine Arts
avatarpicture alfonsonikolaus THE BEST REVIEW
A must-visit for art connoisseurs: Academy of Fine Arts is a cultural institution established in 1933 and is a veritable treasure trove of fascinating attractions for the art lovers. The textile museum has a fine collection of silk items, and the carpet museum has some of the most wondrous Persian carpets on display. The Gallery of Contemporary Art takes you through a fascinating journey of the treasures of the likes of Rabindra…
The Academy of Fine Arts, in Kolkata is one of the oldest fine arts societies in India. [..]

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Marble Palace Full review
Travel picture of Marble Palace
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
Princely Palace: Built by an affluent Bengali merchant with a taste for art and luxury, this stately Palace epitomizes the time when Calcutta was renowned for its opulence. The Palace is entirely constructed out of marbles and is flamboyantly decorated with exquisite furnishings and elegant sculptures. It is a must-visit place for admirers of excellence.
Marble Palace is a palatial nineteenth-century mansion in North Kolkata. It is located at 46, Mukta… [..]

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Mallick Ghat Flower Market Full review
avatarpicture aidenbearman THE BEST REVIEW
Filled with the scent of flowers: Carrying essence of rich Indian Culture and filled with the aroma of colourful flowers, the flower market is an amazing place to visit in Kolkatta. It is always enchanting to see people bargaining for prices. The scenery is particularly intense in the morning with sellers flocking to the market holding fresh flowers.

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Kalighat Kali Temple Full review
Travel picture of Kalighat Kali Temple
avatarpicture alfonsonikolaus THE BEST REVIEW
Full of Energy: One of 52 Shakti Peethas, the temple is a famous religious attraction of Kolkata. Flocks of devotees visit the place on occasions like Kali Puja, Poila Boishakh, and Durga Puja. The idol sculpture is made of gold and is quite unique with three large eyes, a long protruding tongue and four hands.
Kalighat Kali Temple is a Hindu temple in West Bengal, India dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. … [..]

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New Market Area, Dharmat…
Travel picture of New Market Area, Dharmatala New Market is a market in Kolkata situated on Lindsay Street at Free School Str…
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Botanical Garden Area
Rate 3 stars
Other jain temples
Rate 3 stars
Nirmal Hriday Mother Ter…
Travel picture of Nirmal Hriday Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying Destitutes Kalighat, the Home of the Pure Heart is a hospice for the sick, destitute and…
Rate 3 stars
South Park Street Cemete…
Travel picture of South Park Street Cemetery South Park Street Cemetery is located on Mother Teresa Sarani, Kolkata, India. …
Rate 3 stars
Asutosh Museum
Rate 3 stars
Nehru Childrens Museum
Rate 3 stars
The Maidan also referred as Brigade Parade Ground is the largest urban park in…
Rate 3 stars
Howrah Bridge
Travel picture of Howrah Bridge Howrah Bridge is a Propped Cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hoo…
Rate 3 stars
St. Paul's Cathedral
Travel picture of St. Paul's Cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, n…
Rate 3 stars
Victoria Memorial
Travel picture of Victoria Memorial The Victoria Memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata , West Bengal, Indi…
Rate 3 stars
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