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Key West
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Top 18 places to see in Key West

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Boat trip to the barrier reef Full review

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The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum Full review
avatarpicture pedrokif THE BEST REVIEW
For the love of literary: This was a beautiful house with cats all over. There wasn't much of a wait and our tour guide was really helpful. He explained every nook and corner of the house where Ernest Hemingway resided in. This is where 70% of his lifetime works were written. If you are a literary lover, we strongly suggest a visit.
The Ernest Hemingway House, officially known as the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, was the residen… [..]

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Southbound Sport Fishing Full review

Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Key West Shipwreck Museum Full review
Travel picture of Key West Shipwreck Museum
The Key West Shipwreck Museum is located in Key West, Florida, United States. It combines actors, … [..]

Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Turtle Cannery Museum Full review
Travel picture of Turtle Cannery Museum
The Thompson Fish House, Turtle Cannery and Kraals is a historic site located at 200 Margaret Stree… [..]

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Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center Full review
avatarpicture ethannorid THE BEST REVIEW
A family friendly place : This eco-discovery center had over 6,000 square feet of interactive exhibits and is a natural history museum. Our little ones loved the place as it had an amazing aquarium and was a learning experience. They also had a 3D movie that we watched as a family. The admission was free and so was the parking.
The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is a natural history museum in Key West. Its exhibits cover t… [..]

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Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Full review
Travel picture of Mel Fisher Maritime Museum
avatarpicture ethannorid THE BEST REVIEW
A small museum with interesting display of artefacts: This was a small museum with an interesting display and collection of artifacts from an old shipwreck. The museum was dedicated to Mel Fisher and his life. The whole history is displayed in this little museum, including some of the objects found during his treasure hunt. If you are exploring Key West, this is a great place to stop over for a few hours.
The Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum is located at 200 Greene Street, Key West, Florida. The mus… [..]

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The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory Full review
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
A unique and beautiful experience with the winged creatures: This butterfly and Nature Conservatory is filled with about colorful species of butterflies and birds. It's an interesting facility and worth every penny. It's not a massive place but a beautiful experience. Our kids loved the butterfly conservatory and a visit to this venue is highly recommended.
The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory located at 1316 Duval Street, Key West, Florida, Uni… [..]

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La Concha Hotel (View the whole Island) Full review
Travel picture of La Concha Hotel (View the whole Island)
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Great service, good food and amazing views: We were exploring San Juan for our last holiday and decided to stay at the infamous La Concha. It was less of a stay, more experience during our holiday there. We loved the super spacious room with an amazing ocean view, their service and the food served. If you are in the area, we strongly recommend a stay here!
La Concha Hotel & Spa, is a hotel and the tallest building in downtown Key West, Florida, United St… [..]

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Mallory Square
Travel picture of Mallory Square Mallory Square is a plaza located in the city of Key West, Florida, United Stat…
Rate 3 stars
Fort Zachary Beach
Rate 3 stars
Key West Lighthouse
Travel picture of Key West Lighthouse The Key West lighthouse is located in Key West, Florida. The first Key West lig…
Rate 3 stars
Truman Little White House
Travel picture of Truman Little White House The Harry S Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida was the winter White…
Rate 3 stars
Higgs Beach
Rate 3 stars
Smathers Beach
Travel picture of Smathers Beach Smathers Beach is the largest public beach in Key West, Florida, United States.…
Rate 3 stars
Audubon House & Tropical…
Travel picture of Audubon House & Tropical Gardens The Audubon House & Tropical Gardens is located at 205 Whitehead Street, Key We…
Rate 3 stars
Key West Art & Historica…
Rate 3 stars
Southernmost Point
Travel picture of Southernmost Point The Southernmost Point Buoy is an anchored concrete buoy in Key West, Florida m…
Rate 3 stars

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