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La Serena
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Top 12 places to see in La Serena

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Avenida del Mar Full review
avatarpicture alexalittl THE BEST REVIEW
Admire exceptional artwork while taking a stroll: Got to admire admire Salvador Dali's amazing sculptures on a walk to the beach and it was worth it all. Not only did I get a close up view of them but I got to learn the value of true art and how important these pieces are to the locals because every sculpture is well-maintained.

Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Museo de Historia Region…
Travel picture of Museo de Historia Regional Presidente Ga Briel González Videl
Rate 3 stars
casa Giliberto
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Museo mineralogico Ignac…
Rate 3 stars
Iglesia de Guayacan
Rate 3 stars
San Francisco church
Rate 3 stars
Fuerte Lambert
Travel picture of Fuerte Lambert Fort Lambert because just off the coast there is a small island inhabited by p…
Rate 3 stars
Museo Arqueologico
Rate 3 stars
Cruz del Tercer Milenio
Travel picture of 	Cruz del Tercer Milenio Cruz del Tercer Milenio is an 83 metres tall, 40 metres wide, concrete cross l…
Rate 3 stars
Plaza de Armas de La Ser…
Rate 3 stars
Santo Domingo Church
Rate 3 stars

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