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Top 10 places to see in Novara

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Museo Borgogna Full review
avatarpicture pedrokif THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Collection : The collections include paintings (including a remarkable section of torn and detached wall paintings as well as altarpieces from the 15th to the 16th centuries), sculpture, graphics, decorative arts, photographic plates and a library (historical and current). Highly recommended. Great place.

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Castello Sforzesco Full review
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
Splendid Place : Very interesting fortified structure in the middle of Milan. Its role has changed significantly over the centuries from residence of the court of Milan to being used by Napoleon. Today this impressive castles holds a few museums. Great place indeed.

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Piazza Ducale Full review
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Real Gem : It is one of the most beautiful places we've seen over our five trips to Italy. Although being very busy, it still felt very homey. It is full of lovely restaurants, cafes and shops. It was nice to relax sitting in one of them enjoying the view while sipping at an excellent cocktail.

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Museo del Tesoro del Duomo Full review
avatarpicture stephaneretra THE BEST REVIEW
Wonderful Views : The Treasury of the Cathedral Museum is located inside the Archbishop's Palace in the city of Vercelli. Within it are several works that are part of the heritage of the Cathedral of St. Eusebius. There are fabrics, crucifixes, paintings sculptures, chalices, reliquaries and upstairs you can see the room inhabited by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the city.

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Piazza Camillo Cavour Full review
Travel picture of Piazza Camillo Cavour
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Nice Place : Visiting Vercelli we saw the religious places, the architectural buildings and the main streets and squares, unfortunately my expectations were higher, it left me with a sense of a city with few people, but of an undoubtedly rich past, given the many and beautiful residences of landowner families.

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Basilica di Sant'Andrea Full review
Travel picture of Basilica di Sant'Andrea
avatarpicture lilamosci THE BEST REVIEW
Just Beautiful : You cannot come to Mantova without taking the time to visit the basilica di Sant'Andrea. The decoration and frescoes inside literally took my breath away. The building looks amazing from the outside and is stunningly beautiful inside. A great place.
The Basilica di Sant'Andrea is the church of a monastery in Vercelli, Piedmont, northern Italy, fou… [..]

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Museo Leone
Travel picture of Museo Leone
Rate 3 stars
International Museum of …
Travel picture of International Museum of Footwear
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Tower of Bramante
Rate 3 stars

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