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Porto Seguro
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Top 12 places to see in Porto Seguro

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Quadrado historico Full review
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
Attractive Place : Trancoso is quite remote, but the beaches are prettier than those in Porto Seguro, more spacious, the water is crystal clear and with a pleasant temperature, you can rent a car or go on a trip. It has paradores with good infrastructure but the prices are higher than in the city.

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Cidade Historica Full review
avatarpicture abigontario THE BEST REVIEW
Can't Miss It : This should definitely be on your list to visit in Porto Seguro. If you get a guided tour, make sure to confirm the price upfront. Great view of the beach, beautiful buildings from 17th century and you can prove a delicious Acarajé.

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Praia Ponta Grande
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Praia do Muta
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Playa Mundai
Rate 3 stars
Beaches near Trancoso
Rate 3 stars
Praia De Curuípe
Rate 3 stars
Memorial da Epopéia do D…
Rate 3 stars

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