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Top 6 places to see in Uganda

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Jinja on the shore of Nile river Full review
avatarpicture abigontario THE BEST REVIEW
For all you adventure bees : Did you know, Uganda is where the world’s longest river Nile starts from? The source of this river is in Jinja, which is about 1.5 hours away from the capital city. There are so many water activities that you can indulge in including white water rafting, Kayaking, Jet boating to name a few. Our absolute favourite was bungee jumping to kiss the Nile, an experience you must all try.
Jinja is a town in Uganda, the third-largest economy in the East African Community. [..]

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Full review
avatarpicture derrickoreil THE BEST REVIEW
Gorilla tracking, an unforgettable experience : Located in the mountainous area of Uganda, this National Park is home to mountain gorillas. The travel all the way to the National Park was quite hectic and tiring, especially because we had a packed itinerary trying to catch up on many of the items on our travel list. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our trip with friendly rangers to the scenic forest and into the wildlife.
The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is in south-western Uganda. The park is part of the Bwindi I… [..]

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Murchison Falls National Park Full review
avatarpicture isabellaone THE BEST REVIEW
Amazing nature experience: We started with a boat ride, we saw giraffes, elephants and hippos. The trekking to the top of the fall is not difficult. we enjoyed the stunning views of Victoria Nile, Delta Nile and Albert Nile. We also saw the spectacular beauty of the world longest river. Its a beautiful location for bird watching and photography
Murchison Falls National Park is a national park in Uganda and managed by the Ugandan Wildlife Aut… [..]

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Lake Bunyonyi Full review
avatarpicture alveraward THE BEST REVIEW
A great spot to relax and unwind : This picturesque lake is covered with little Islands and green vegetation all around. We enjoyed a boat excursion by the lake and did some bird watching too. After the boat tour, all we did was soak in the sun, relax by the lake and enjoy the mesmerizing views around. If you are in a mood to relish some good food, authentic local cuisine, then try the Birdnest restaurant which is overlooking the …
Lake Bunyonyi is in south-western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale, and it is close to the border … [..]

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Kidepo Valley National Park Full review
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
We loved camping in Kidepo National Park: In the wild, surrounded by nature, this National Park will get the best of your wildlife photography adventures. A breathtaking experience, witnessing herds of zebras and buffalos and learning more about the local culture with the guided village tour. A unique camping experience with beautiful landscape not to be missed.
Kidepo Valley National Park is a 1,442 square kilometres national park in the Karamoja region in n… [..]

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Rwenzori Mountains Full review
avatarpicture alexalittl THE BEST REVIEW
A trekkers paradise: Known as the 'Mountains of the Moon' is the third highest in Africa. Its a great example of the co-existence of nature, wildlife and human. This location is perfect for those who enjoy trekking. This scenic location is nothing less than a magical experience that we totally enjoyed! A memorable holiday amongst the green landscapes for nature lovers is nothing less than perfect.
The Rwenzori Mountains, previously called the "Ruwenzori Range" , is a mountain range of eastern eq… [..]

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