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Illustrative picture for Ceredigion - United Kingdom
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Top 9 places to see in Ceredigion

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Aberystwyth Cliff Railway Full review
Travel picture of Aberystwyth Cliff Railway
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
Just Brilliant : The funicular railway provides a quick way to the top of a really steep hill. Once t the top you can enjoy great view of the surrounding countryside, the sea and the town. The are a couple of outdoor game sites if you're feeling energetic and a restaurant if you want a break.
The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway opened on 1 August 1896. It is a funicular railway in Aberystwyth,... [..]

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Ceredigion Museum Full review
avatarpicture andrewlincoln THE BEST REVIEW
A museum for everyone!: Set in the heart of Aberystwyth and lying by the seafront, Ceredigion Museum is located in a well-preserved Edwardian theatre. The permanent and temporary exhibitions here depict the history, culture and art of the eponymous town. The museum also has an exquisite museum shop and a wonderful cafe.
Ceredigion Museum is a museum in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales. [..]

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Cenarth Full review
Travel picture of Cenarth
avatarpicture joedalton THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Surroundings : Driving through Cenarth, we stopped off to see the falls. Simply stunning natural waterfalls. The kids had loads of fun exploring and watching the water! By accident, we found free parking spaces on the oposite side of the river (near the White Hart Pub), so no need to pay the excessive charge of £2,50 to park next to the falls.
Cenarth is a village, parish and community in Carmarthenshire, adjoining the Cenarth Falls, borde... [..]

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National Library of Wales Full review
Travel picture of National Library of Wales
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
Full Of History : Amazing place to get lost in Welsh history and myths. I visited the Arthur exhibit and highly enjoyed it! :) The view from this place is breath taking. The little shop is alright, didn't have time to visit the coffee shop but looks decent from afar.
The National Library of Wales , Aberystwyth, is the national legal deposit library of Wales and i... [..]

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Llyn Teifi Full review
Travel picture of Llyn Teifi
avatarpicture jessybarhinger THE BEST REVIEW
Brillaint : When you look at the shop window you can't resist the urge to get inside. once you're in, you can feel you are many years younger and are a child again. The day we visited, there was a charming lady who chatted with us and explained the shop was her son's.

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Strata Florida Medieval Tiles Full review
Travel picture of Strata Florida Medieval Tiles
Strata Florida Abbey is a former Cistercian abbey situated just outside Pontrhydfendigaid, near... [..]

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Pontarfynach Full review
Travel picture of Pontarfynach
avatarpicture lilamosci THE BEST REVIEW
Surprisingly Interesting : If the weather is nice this place is stunning. There is a fair bit of a walking and a lot of steps so no good if your disabled or have problems walking, but it was 2yrs ago when I went there so hopefully they may have sorted some sort of wheelchair access so everyone could enjoy its beauty. Beautiful place.
Mynach Falls is a waterfall near Aberystwyth in the county of Ceredigion, Wales. It occurs where... [..]

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St Dogmaels Abbey
Travel picture of St Dogmaels Abbey St Dogmael's Abbey is an abbey in St Dogmaels in Pembrokeshire, Wales, on the...
Rate 3 stars
Travel picture of Furnace Furnace is a in Ceredigion, Wales on the A487 trunk road from Machynlleth t...
Rate 3 stars

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