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Illustrative picture for Chubut - Argentina
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Top 22 places to see in Chubut

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Punta Delgada Full review
Travel picture of Punta Delgada
avatarpicture alexalittl THE BEST REVIEW
A bustling capital with nine-islands to explore: Ponta Delgada is a string of nine-island that offers too many things to do an explore. It's is indeed known as one of the world's great adventure tourism destinations. From the scenic Harbor Front to deep underground visit to Gruta do Carvão, every island has a different experience to offer every kind of traveller.
Punta Delgada is a locality and tourist resort on the Valdes Peninsula in Viedma Department in th... [..]

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Valdes Peninsula Full review
Travel picture of Valdes Peninsula
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Stunning Views: Great scenery of the Patagonia shore. Whale avistage on board is greatly recommended even for a small child. The small salt lake is recommended (entrance is not inviting but do not be afraid of the route, It is fine but stop 50 m from the end). Most of the route is rolling stone so speed over 60 km/h is dangerous.
The Valdes Peninsula is a peninsula on the Atlantic coast in the Biedma Department in the north ... [..]

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Punta Tombo Full review
Travel picture of Punta Tombo
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Up close and personal with the penguins like nowhere before! : This natural reserve is a great spot to get up close with the penguins and wildlife. It was one of the most amazing experiences during our visit here. Set in the backdrops of stunning views, this is the largest Magellanic Penguin Rookery in the world. The ride up here might seem a little too long, but don't get discouraged by it, as we highly recommend this natural reserve.
Punta Tombo is a peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean 110 km south of Trelew in Chubut Province, Ar... [..]

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Parque Nacional Los Alerces Full review
avatarpicture alexalittl THE BEST REVIEW
A hiking spot and a beautiful park with a lake view: Gorgeous landscapes with lakes and mountains are scenic. From the pristine waters of the lakes to spotting the rarest of the rare bird, this national park is a must visit for every nature lover. We loved this expansive park for how well-preserved it was and we enjoyed clicking some photographs with the stellar landscapes as the backdrop.
The Los Alerces National Park is a national park in Chubut Province, Argentina, some 30 miles f... [..]

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Caleta Valdes Full review
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
An Easy Hiking Point: If you want to visit a hiking place which has plenty of information about animals and birds, then there is no better place then Caleta Valdes. The wind here is very fast, so wear clothes accordingly. You can also have a closer look at penguins.

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El Museo Leleque Full review
avatarpicture joedalton THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Museum : Very interesting from the surrounding landscape exposed to the truths of our peoples. Go through the route forces enter. There is a bar with a very important typical and historical setting. The small ethnographic museum lost in the middle of nowhere on the Mapuches ... And on their conquerors.

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El Doradillo Full review
avatarpicture noahritchenko THE BEST REVIEW
Spot the whales up close and enjoy a day by the beach getting a tan: This prominent attraction in Puerto Madryn, known for spotting whales during the season. Even otherwise El Doradillo is a great spot to relax by the beach with taking in the scenic view. We suggest you visit anywhere before June to November to enjoy spotting baby whales to the grown-up ones, it's an experience to watch them up close.

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Estancia San Lorenzo Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
A fantastic experience spotting the penguins: Watch the penguins in their natural habitat, playing on the shores. We learnt a lot about them on our visit here, from hatching to nesting to feeding, our guide was informative and showed us everything around. Highly recommended for families visiting here with their little ones. The journey might seem a little long but was totally worthwhile.

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Dique Florentino Ameghino
Travel picture of Dique Florentino Ameghino The Florentino Ameghino Dam is a gravity dam in Chubut Province, Patagonia, ...
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Travel picture of Trevelin Trevelin is a town in the Patagonian Argentine province of Chubut. The town ...
Rate 3 stars
Dique Florentino Ameghino
Villa Dique Florentino Ameghino is a rural commune in Chubut Province in sout...
Rate 3 stars
Centro de interpretaci...
Travel picture of Centro de interpretacióm Istmo Ameghino
Rate 3 stars
Puerto Pirámides
Travel picture of Puerto Pirámides Puerto Pirámides is an Argentine town in Viedma Department, Province of Chubu...
Rate 3 stars
Travel picture of Rawson Rawson is the capital of the Argentine province of Chubut, in Patagonia. It ...
Rate 3 stars
Playa Union
Rate 3 stars
Túnel de Ferrocarril
Rate 3 stars
Museo Histórico Regional
Rate 3 stars
Travel picture of Gaiman Gaiman is a town in the Chubut Province of Patagonia in Argentina. It has a p...
Rate 3 stars
Museo Regional Pueblo ...
Travel picture of Museo Regional Pueblo de Luis
Rate 3 stars
Historic Center or Trelew
Rate 3 stars
Museo Paleontológico E...
Travel picture of Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio The Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio is a science research and exhibit...
Rate 3 stars
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