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Top 8 places to see in Galway

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Bridge Street Full review
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
Amazing Place: Gorgeous food, great wine, fab presentation and lovely ambiance in the restaurant- it was good value for early bird and we stayed on at the table for a while after. Highly recommended- our whole group we’re really impressed. Highly Recommended!

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Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre Full review
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
Learn the language in an exquisite ambience: Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre is an English language teaching school. In addition to providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for learning, the school familiarizing the students to the beauty and uniqueness of life on Ireland's West Coast. The classrooms also provide a lovely view of the Galway Bay and the hills of Co. Clare.

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Lynch's Castle
Rate 3 stars
Nora Barnacle´s House
Rate 3 stars
Eyre Square
Travel picture of Eyre Square Eyre Square , also known as John F. Kennedy Memorial Park) is an inner-city pub…
Rate 3 stars
Galway Cathedral
Travel picture of Galway Cathedral The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas , commonly known …
Rate 3 stars
Salmon Weir
Rate 3 stars
St Nicholas' Collegiate …
Travel picture of St Nicholas' Collegiate Church The Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas is a medieval church building in Galway, …
Rate 3 stars

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