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Top 29 places to see in Kilkenny

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Kilkenny architecture, natural environment and nightlife Full review
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Simply Splendid!: A popular weekend destination for the Irish, this small city offers a vibrant nightlife and remarkable shopping avenues. It is most famous for its eponymous castle and medieval history. Whether you are interested in history, shopping or a lively nightlife, Kilkenny is a must-visit destination.
Kilkenny is a city in the province of Leinster in south-east Ireland that is the county town of Co… [..]

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Waterford Treasures - Three Museums in the Viking Triangle Full review
avatarpicture nopolarith THE BEST REVIEW
Historical Museum: These three unique museums, located within a few steps of each other, recount the 1100-year-old story of Waterford, Ireland's oldest city founded by the Vikings in 914 AD. Reginald’s Tower, a gigantic stone fortress, houses the Viking museum. It is the only Medieval Museum in Ireland. The exhibits here include an extraordinary collection of historical and architectural treasures.
The Waterford Viking Triangle is part of the cultural and heritage area in Waterford City. It is so… [..]

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Jerpointabbey Full review
Travel picture of Jerpointabbey
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
12th Century Cistercian Abbey: Jerpoint Abbey, constructed in the second half of the12th-century, is considered as one of the most intact Cistercian monasteries in Ireland. The cloister with its Romanesque architecture is famous for its stone carvings. Preserved within the monastery is an extraordinary collection of quirky sculptures and sculpted tombs.
Jerpoint Abbey is a ruined Cistercian abbey, founded in the second half of the 12th century, near T… [..]

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House of Waterford Crystal Full review
Travel picture of House of Waterford Crystal
avatarpicture andrewlincoln THE BEST REVIEW
An impressive tour of the Waterford Crystal House: We enjoyed this authentic factory tour which was guided and informative. We saw many artisans working on their crystal art live at the factory, from blowing to cutting to polishing, we witnessed the whole process of craftsmanship. You get to click pictures with the masterpieces and shop if your budget permits.
Waterford Crystal is a manufacturer of crystal. It is named after the city of Waterford, Ireland. W… [..]

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Tynan's Walking Tours Full review
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
Tynan's Walking Tours through the medieval city of Kilkenny: A guided walking tour with a qualified tour guide and teacher through the streets of the medieval city of Kilkenny. Expect to see so many views and sights around the city with interesting information about the history on your walk through the different sites. We started our tour with Hunt Museum and lasted for about 2 hours with fascinating information about Ireland and Limerick. Highly recommend…

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St Canice's Cathedral Full review
Travel picture of St Canice's Cathedral
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Magnificent Architecture: St Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower is an ecclesiastical site in the in the lively medieval city of Kilkenny. The Round Tower is an old magnificent structure climbing which offers incredible views of the city. Tour the site and experience the spiritual, cultural, architectural and archaeological glory of Kilkenny.
St Canice's Cathedral, also known as Kilkenny Cathedral, is a cathedral of the Church of Ireland in… [..]

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Dunmore Cave Full review
Travel picture of Dunmore Cave
avatarpicture ethannorid THE BEST REVIEW
A great blend of history, geology and nature! : See the natural limestone, learn more about the History, flora and fauna, and archaeology whilst you are there. We chose a guided tour through the caves and its attractive formations. The entrance fees are pretty cheap and it's only 5 euros. It was indeed an intriguing attraction to visit
Dunmore Cave is a limestone solutional cave in Ballyfoyle, County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is formed … [..]

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Kilkenny Castle Full review
Travel picture of Kilkenny Castle
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
Majestic!: Kilkenny is one of the very few castles that have been renovated, ornated with extraordinary furnishings and offer tours to the people. Many parts of the castles were reconstructed in the 19th-century and modelled on Victorian Architecture style. The Long Gallery, a stately room with coloured ceilings and portraits of the Butler family, is a significant highlight.
Kilkenny Castle is a castle in Kilkenny, Ireland built in 1195 to control a fording-point of the R… [..]

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Rothe House & Gardens Full review
Travel picture of Rothe House & Gardens
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
Kilkenny’s Hidden Gem: Built between 1594 and 1610, Rothe House is a unique townhouse and was the residence of the famous merchant, landowner, and Mayor of Kilkenny City, John Rothe Fitz Piers. It consists of three classic houses, one behind the other, with three enclosed courtyards and a large garden at the back. Presently, it is owned by the Kilkenny Archaeological Society and houses a great collection of artifacts…
Rothe House, is a late 16th century merchant's townhouse complex located in the city of Kilkenny. T… [..]

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Travel picture of Graiguenamanagh Graiguenamanagh or Graignamanagh is a town in County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is …
Rate 3 stars
Reginalds Tower
Travel picture of Reginalds Tower Reginald’s Tower is a historic tower in Waterford, Munster, Ireland. It is loca…
Rate 3 stars
City Hall
Rate 3 stars
Garter Lane Arts Centre
Rate 3 stars
Merchants Quay
Rate 3 stars
Travel picture of Thomastown Thomastown Church is a medieval church and National Monument in County Kilkenny…
Rate 3 stars
Waterford Court Office
Rate 3 stars
Broad Street
Rate 3 stars
George's Street
Rate 3 stars
Belfry of Saint Saviour'…
Rate 3 stars
Valleys of River Barrow …
Rate 3 stars
Kells Priory
Travel picture of Kells Priory Kells Priory is one of the largest and most impressive medieval monuments in I…
Rate 3 stars
Kilkenny Greyhound Racin…
Kilkenny Greyhound Stadium is a greyhound racing track located in north-west Ki…
Rate 3 stars
Shee Alms House
Travel picture of Shee Alms House Shee Alms House was founded by the Shee family in 1582 'to accommodate twelve p…
Rate 3 stars
Jenkinstown Wood And Wal…
Travel picture of Jenkinstown Wood And Walled Garden Walk Jenkinstown Park is a park in County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is situated off the …
Rate 3 stars
The Tholsel
Travel picture of The Tholsel The Tholsel on High Street, Kilkenny, Ireland was built in 1761 by Alderman Wil…
Rate 3 stars
Smithwick's Experience K…
Travel picture of Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny is a brewery-turned-brewery-tour located on th…
Rate 3 stars
The Black Abbey
Travel picture of The Black Abbey The Black Abbey of Kilkenny, Ireland, is a Catholic priory of the Dominican Ord…
Rate 3 stars
Kilkenny Design Centre L…
The Kilkenny Design Workshops were a government-funded research and developmen…
Rate 3 stars
Kyteler's Inn
Rate 3 stars

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