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Top 3 places to see in Louth

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Collon Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
A historical Village: Collon is a village in the south-west corner of County Louth, Ireland. It is home to the collon house which was built in 1740 by Anthony Foster of the legendary Foster Family. The house is famous for its gracious rooms that are exquisitely decorated with antiques and stunning paintings.
Collon is a village and townland in the south west corner of County Louth, Ireland, on the N2 nati… [..]

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Drogheda Full review
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
A Medieval town : Drogheda, meaning bridge of the ford, is one of the oldest towns in Ireland. Well Known for its churches, Georgian architecture, and a marvelous medieval town gate, it is an industrial center and a major tourist attraction. It is also the last bridging point on the River Boyne before its entry into the Irish Sea.
Drogheda is one of the oldest towns in Ireland, known for its tourism and as a centre of industry,… [..]

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Muiredach Cross Full review
avatarpicture roxanekohl THE BEST REVIEW
Historic Ruin: Muiredach’s cross is one of the best examples of ancient medieval sculptures in Ireland. It is made out of sandstone and contains a depiction of the crucifixion on its front. The shaft is richly decorated with biblical images. Although quite rundown, it is an incredible piece of ecclesiastical art and must have been an effective way of teaching the bible to the masses in the past.
The historic ruins of Monasterboice are of an early Christian settlement in County Louth in Irelan… [..]

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