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Illustrative picture for Moray - United Kingdom
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Top 14 places to see in Moray

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Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens Full review
Travel picture of Ballindalloch Castle and Gardens
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
Superb Place : Beautiful castle grounds with a nice little tour inside and a cafe. A great stop while touring Speyside, with several distilleries very close by. Note that Google might try to take you in through a back road—make sure you see the signs for the castle.
Guidebooks    Rate 5 stars
Cardhu Distillery Full review
Travel picture of Cardhu Distillery
avatarpicture emmabrow THE BEST REVIEW
Nice Tour : The tour was good and the tasting was one of the best, set in a grand room but still cozy atmosphere, the guide was very conversational and asked questions rather than just telling us what to taste. They also provide containers to take the whisky samples for later if you are driving. Photographs not allowed during most of the tour.
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Speyside Cooperage Visitor Attraction Full review
Travel picture of Speyside Cooperage Visitor Attraction
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Can't Miss This Place : Awesome experience seeing the behind-the-scenes heroes of scotch. Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain the history and significance of the cooperage history and prestige. Highly recommend if you truely appreciate scotch. A must visit in UK.
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Glen Grant Distillery Visitors Centre Full review
Travel picture of Glen Grant Distillery Visitors Centre
avatarpicture janeortico THE BEST REVIEW
Informative whiskey tour is for all: Located in the small town of Rothes, Glen Grant distillery is a must take a tour for all whisky lovers. We learnt a lot about the place, the history, tasted their malt and tried Scottish pancakes too. We enjoyed the gardens more than the tour itself, absolutely gorgeous!
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Glenlivet Distillery Full review
Travel picture of Glenlivet Distillery
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Nice Place : Great distillery to visit. Nice selection available for tasting. Unlike many others which limit what is being poured, here you can choose to taste the full range (for a fee which depends on each selection). Also has a nice cafe on site.
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Aberlour Distillery Full review
Travel picture of Aberlour Distillery
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
Worth A Visit : Went on an extensive tour at the distillery and had the chance to really immerse in the history of the distillery. Aberlour is one of my favorite whiskies so it was lovely to get the chance to see first hand how the whisky was done.
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
The Macallan Distillery Ltd Full review
Travel picture of The Macallan Distillery Ltd
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
Super Place To Visit : I was a little concerned about this distillery tour as I had read a number of negative comments that Macallan had gone too commercial with their new visitor centre and distillery. Well the moral of the story is, don't believe all you read. We had an amazing tour of the new facility, with lots of information and accompanying technology during the tour.
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Glenfiddich Distillery
Travel picture of Glenfiddich Distillery Glenfiddich is a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky owned and produced by Wil...
Rate 3 stars

Strathisla Distillery Full review
Travel picture of Strathisla Distillery
avatarpicture lowellschuppe THE BEST REVIEW
Lovely Place : Great experience! Our tour guide, Sarah, was very knowledgeable and engaging. The new tasting room was spectacular, bringing the experience to a whole new level. To visit, if you’re in the area, or to add to your bucket list, if you’re not!
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star

Elgin Cathedral Full review
Travel picture of Elgin Cathedral
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
Truly Amazing : Pretty amazing cathedral, you can tell how big and majestic it once was, but even the ruins are wonderful and beautifully haunting, the gothic structure clearly resembles the Note Dame in Paris, especially the front of the building. Highly recommended!
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Spynie Palace
Travel picture of Spynie Palace Spynie Palace, also known as Spynie Castle, was the fortified seat of the Bis...
Rate 3 stars

Benromach Distillery Full review
Travel picture of Benromach Distillery
avatarpicture bulagr THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Surroundings : Great little place. Quite tricky to find on foot - don't follow Google maps! Knowledgeable tour guide and a sense that they really love making their delicious whisky. Totally old school, no modern tech to get in the way of making great scotch!
Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Brodie Castle
Travel picture of Brodie Castle Brodie Castle is a castle near Forres, in Moray, Scotland.
Rate 3 stars
Dallas Dhu Historic Di...
Travel picture of Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery The Dallas Dhu distillery was a producer of single malt Scotch whisky that op...
Rate 3 stars

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