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Top 17 places to see in Pavia

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Piazza Ducale Full review
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Real Gem : It is one of the most beautiful places we've seen over our five trips to Italy. Although being very busy, it still felt very homey. It is full of lovely restaurants, cafes and shops. It was nice to relax sitting in one of them enjoying the view while sipping at an excellent cocktail.

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Castello Sforzesco Full review
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
Splendid Place : Very interesting fortified structure in the middle of Milan. Its role has changed significantly over the centuries from residence of the court of Milan to being used by Napoleon. Today this impressive castles holds a few museums. Great place indeed.

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Regisole statue Full review
Travel picture of Regisole statue
avatarpicture stephaneretra THE BEST REVIEW
Brilliant Place : Best Pizza in the historic centre in pavia! Kind staff and excellent dishes with fish meat and vegetables! Ready to satisfy your every need! Great relationship quality price being in town. I recommend it to everyone and... I can't help it!!!
The Regisole was a bronze classical or Late Antique equestrian monument, highly influential during… [..]

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Università degli Studi di Pavia Biblioteca Boezio Full review
avatarpicture roxanekohl THE BEST REVIEW
History and Art.: Università degli Studi di Pavia Biblioteca Boezio is one of the shinning beacons from theera of enlightenment. It house quite a number of display and pieces from the 17th century that are a must see for any art or history enthusiast, plus the structure itself.
The University History Museum of the University of Pavia was officially opened in 1937, but before … [..]

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Duomo di Pavia Full review
Travel picture of Duomo di Pavia
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
A Piece of Brilliance : This Duomo is one of the best-preserved churches in the world today. It had its final cap placed in the 1880s but work began several centuries earlier. Nice place to worship or visit. Nice people too. I would send all my Catholic friends here anytime. If you find yourself in Pavia, you must see this church.
The Cathedral of Pavia is a church in Pavia, Italy, the largest in the city and seat of the Dioces… [..]

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Basilica of Saint Michele Maggiore Full review
Travel picture of Basilica of Saint Michele Maggiore
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
Can't Miss This Place : Wonderful lombardic-roman basilica, San Michele Maggiore stands here since 1100 and is today recognized as one of the most impressive churces of the Longobardic period. I judge this church beautiful and interesting but I personally find it "freezing and not welcoming from the point of view of man".
The Basilica of San Michele Maggiore is a church of Pavia, one of the most striking example of Lomb… [..]

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Piazza Municipio
Travel picture of Piazza Municipio Cremona Cathedral , dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is …
Rate 3 stars
Piazza della Vittoria
The Pavese is a geographical and historical area in the Pianura Padana of nor…
Rate 3 stars
Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci
Rate 3 stars
Saint Teodoro
San Teodoro is an Romanesque-style Roman Catholic church in the town center of …
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Coperto bridge
The Ponte Coperto "covered bridge" is a brick and stone arch bridge over the T…
Rate 3 stars
Basilica di San Pietro i…
Travel picture of Basilica di San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro is a Roman Catholic basilica of the Augustinians in …
Rate 3 stars
Chiesa di Santa Maria de…
Travel picture of Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine Santa Maria del Carmine is a church in Pavia, Lombardy, northern Italy, conside…
Rate 3 stars
International Museum of …
Travel picture of International Museum of Footwear
Rate 3 stars
Tower of Bramante
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars

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