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Región Metropolitana de Santiago
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Top 50+ places to see in Región Metropolitana de Santiago

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Laguna Piedra Roja Full review
avatarpicture aidenbearman THE BEST REVIEW
Grab some ice cream and enjoy a peaceful sunset: This place offers a blissful sunset view that you just can't turn away from. We arrived around noon and stayed for a couple hours just exploring the flora around and admiring the peacefulness. After grabbing lunch from one of the many exquisite restaurants nearby, we settled near the lake to watch the sunset. It was a pleasant experience and sunsets are my favorite so I'd highly recommend this sp…

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La Chascona Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Nice Museum: The house of Pablo Neruda was interesting even for the non Spanish speaking. It is not only a time capsule of 1970s design but also provides an insight into the world of the global artistic community at that time. The summer bar is particularly interesting. You should be able to serve around an hour here without too much trouble.
La Chascona was one of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s three houses, the others being his house in Isla… [..]

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Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino Full review
avatarpicture bulagr THE BEST REVIEW
Home of some of the best art pieces ever: Upon visiting Santiago, I had ultimately decided that I would be touring the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art first. To say that it was otherworldly, does not do it justice. Holding over 5000 pieces, it has some of the most phenomenal artworks I have ever witnessed. The collections are all conjured from pre-Columbian culture areas, with some of the earliest artifacts preserved. A must visit fo…
The Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino is an art museum dedicated to the study and display of pre-… [..]

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Concha y Toro Full review
avatarpicture derrickoreil THE BEST REVIEW
Stunning Views : I loved the winery. We did a traditional tour and the guide was very educational and funny. The winery is beautiful, has a wonderful garden and the desire to stay there for a picnic on the grass. Clean, organized and beautiful. There is a shop with several options for buying wines and various gifts.
Barrio Concha y Toro is a barrio located in Santiago, Chile. The neighborhood has a medieval-like s… [..]

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San Cristóbal Hill Full review
Travel picture of San Cristóbal Hill
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
Reach for the sky : The San Cristobal Hill gives you the most amazing views of the entire town and I recommend everyone to visit this picturesque hilltop. It includes walking trails, parks, botanical gardens and recreational centers that are open to the public. While you're exploring, do check out the majestic 72-foot-tall, statue of the Virgin Mary, which is visible from all over the city. This beautiful hill offer…
Cerro San Cristóbal is a hill in northern Santiago, Chile. It rises 850 m AMSL and about 300 m abo… [..]

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Corporacion Cultural Museo Arte De Luz Full review
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Don't Miss This Place : The Arte de Luz Museum is an emblematic and free artistic and cultural platform, located in the basin and walls of the Mapocho River. It emerged as an initiative of the visual artist Catalina Rojas, creator of the mural "Chile a la Luz" and is based on the projection of various artistic works illuminated in large formats, using state-of-the-art projectors.

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Museo enoteca Full review
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
A great exhibit celebrating the production of fine wine: Opened to the public back in 2010, this is one of the world's most innovative wine museums. It is located in glorious halls and rooms of a thousand-year-old castle with an interactive excursion that walks you through the history and tradition of wine. The experience was very informative as we got to learn the intricate techniques and the complexity of winemaking.

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Jardin Mapulemu Full review
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Excellent Place : It is a beautiful sector, very good enabled, although there is a lack of maintenance on the trails and access, it is excellent for walking, walking, and family. You can go with pets, but with the appropriate safeguards to avoid damaging the fauna of the place. It is a botanical garden, so you can meet many species of flora in our country. Recommended any day

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Jardín Zoo Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Nice Zoo : If you are thinking of going to the zoo in Mendoza, I would like to tell you that it has been closed since 2016, since it will be converted into an Ecopark! It was very nice, but it is better that the animals are free!

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La Moneda Palace Full review
Travel picture of La Moneda Palace
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
A Historic Palace: The best part is the ceremony for a change of guards which happens every alternate day. The band plays amazing songs. You can pre-book tours of the palace if you want to go inside. Lovely architecture and an interesting history
Palacio de La Moneda , or simply La Moneda, is the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile. … [..]

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Barrio Lastarria Full review
Travel picture of Barrio Lastarria
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
An Historical Neighborhood : I found a bohemian and quiet neighborhood. You have good restaurants, a record store and nearby is the Bellavista patio another super place. Notable improvement of the hotel and gastronomic offer as well as the sense of security. Also, you can park easily and cheaply. For a weekend morning, unmissable.
Barrio Lastarria is an historical neighborhood in the center of Santiago, Chile. Now a popular tou… [..]

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Centre Gabriela Mistral Full review
Travel picture of Centre Gabriela Mistral
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
A building with one of the most bipolar history : The building now serves as a cultural centre to promote performing arts and music. The materials artistically used in the construction of the building like wood, steel, glass and concrete all work together to form a beautiful platform for artists and audiences worldwide. The Music hall and dance room have the capability to hold high quality performances for all viewers.
The Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral is a cultural center located on 227 Av. Libertador Bernardo O… [..]

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Parque Metropolitano de Santiago Full review
Travel picture of Parque Metropolitano de Santiago
avatarpicture nopolarith THE BEST REVIEW
The Bigger the Park, the More the Fun: When they say it is one of the LARGEST parks in the world, they were not kidding. Not only is it huge - it's got everything! The attractions are endless and there is so much to do. This was an ideal destination for me and my family and we'll be definitely returning to explore more.
The Santiago Metropolitan Park is an urban park located within the city of Santiago, capital of Chi… [..]

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Museo Histórico Nacional Full review
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
Interesting Museum: Super cool museum containing a lot of artifacts explaining the culture and history of Chile. Not a large museum but there are quite a lot of large artifacts which I did enjoy such as the historical artillery used and even a full-size carriage. There's also a cool VR spot to travel through time.

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Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos Full review
Travel picture of Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Building: Great museum to visit and learn about Chile's political history with a dictatorship. The only problem is that it feels like there's a lot of information there but not very organized. We got a bit lost trying to piece together a timeline of the events due to the many displays and a large amount of reading to do.
The Museum of Memory and Human Rights is a Chilean museum located in Santiago, dedicated to commem… [..]

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Palacio Cousino Full review
Travel picture of Palacio Cousino
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Beautifully designed masterpiece : This building is a complete masterpiece. The hand-carved furniture, self-embroidered curtains and fabrics and, the artistic use of marble and ceramics in the decoration of the mansion is all very wonderful to look at. It is the home of some of the most valuable artifacts and is open for the public to observe. Getting to admire each and every corner of the platform is the best part of the entire e…
The Palacio Cousiño is a palace that was designed and built for Isidora Goyenechea, widow of Luis C… [..]

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La Moneda Full review
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
A Majestic White Palace Exhibiting Great Visual Art: As you enter the main quadrangle outside the Palace, you can witness the guard changing ceremony, a tradition that has been going on for so long. Once we started wandering the main archways of the palace, we really began to admire the architecture and decor of the building as it was really as magnificent on the inside as it appeared on the outside. The cultural center on the south wing of the pal…

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Cementerio General Full review
Travel picture of Cementerio General
avatarpicture alveraward THE BEST REVIEW
Home to some historical graves & tombs: A historically informative site. This destination is must visit for those with a taste for history. It is a beautiful and well-maintained cemetery which is the burial ground to some of the most important individuals in the nation's history. Whether you're a wanderer, explorer, tourist, local or a photographer; this place is going to surely serve as eye candy for you as it did for me.
The Cementerio General de Santiago, Chile is one of the largest cemeteries in Latin America with an… [..]

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Piscina Antilén Full review
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
Cool off with a swim and a breathtaking view: It takes a little trek to get to the swimming pool but it is totally rewarding. The view is amazing and the pool is massive with a separation between children and adults to avoid overcrowding. This is the place to be on a hot summer day and gives a great glimpse of Santiago for those new to the city.

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Piscina Tupahue Full review
avatarpicture aidenbearman THE BEST REVIEW
Just Beautiful : This place was inaugurated in 1966 and located at the heart of the Metropolitan Park. The park is 25m wide and 82m long. This place also shows the mutual coordination between Chilean and Mexican peoples as visitors can also visit attractive mural.

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