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South Carolina
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Top 8 places to see in South Carolina

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Hunting Island State Park Full review
Travel picture of Hunting Island State Park
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
A beautiful state park by the beach! : Hunting Island is a gorgeous park we didn't want to miss. Loved every experience here, especially fishing and our walk by the beach. There's an excellent campground for those who love to camp by the beach. We truly admired the wildlife, the little turtles and the scenery. I highly recommend a visit to this State Park.
Hunting Island is a 5,000-acre secluded semitropical barrier island located 15 miles east of Beau… [..]

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King Street, commercial street Full review
avatarpicture noahritchenko THE BEST REVIEW
A great place to shop! : This charming street in Atlanta is every shopaholic's dream. The bustling street is filled with mega-malls and has many branded shops as well as local stores to pick up from. If you are visiting during the holiday season like us, the place was unusually packed with many good deals.

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Joseph Manigault House Full review
Travel picture of Joseph Manigault House
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
A beautiful historic mansion! : The Joseph Manigault House is a historic house museum that was built in 1800s. This is one of Charleston's most exquisite antebellum structures. We had a friendly and knowledgable guide who took us through the premises and explained everything. There are so many beautiful American furniture and artifacts on display here!
The Joseph Manigault House is a historic house museum at 350 Meeting Street in Charleston, South Ca… [..]

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Aiken-Rhett House Full review
Travel picture of Aiken-Rhett House
avatarpicture baileeglover THE BEST REVIEW
A historical mansion with exclusive rooms for slaves: Aiken-Rhett House is a unique historic mansion from the 1800s. The house was within the family for almost 142 years until it was sold to The Charleston Museum. This is a great place to see and explore for every history lover. The house is well preserved and highly recommended for a visit.
The Gov. William Aiken House, also known as the Aiken-Rhett House, or the Robinson-Aiken House, is … [..]

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The Charleston Museum Full review
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
One of the oldest museum! : This is one of the oldest museums in the US and is one of the first museums here. Learn everything about the city, their history, the economy and about slavery from the past. There was some interesting display of guns and artillery too. If you are exploring the place, it's great to start from here.
The Charleston Museum is one of the oldest museums in the United States. Its highly regarded collec… [..]

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Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Full review
Travel picture of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
Simply scenic nature tours! : Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is another historic house with scenic and picturesque gardens. The gardens are so beautiful and scenic. We loved our stroll in the gardens where we took tons of pictures too. We highly recommend you to take a nature tour that is on the tram which passes by the Audubon Swamp and the salt marshes.
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a historic house with gardens located on the Ashley River at 35… [..]

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Drayton Hall
Travel picture of Drayton Hall Drayton Hall is an 18th-century plantation located on the Ashley River about 15…
Rate 3 stars
Middleton Place
Travel picture of Middleton Place Middleton Place is a plantation in Dorchester County, directly across the Ashle…
Rate 3 stars

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