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Top 27 places to see in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

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Sacred Mount Calvary of Domodossola Full review
avatarpicture maynardmakad THE BEST REVIEW
Worth A Visit : great place, peaceful and quiet, great view over the Alps and the city of Domodossola. Monte Sacro contains a Religious organization if you want you can sleep in the hotel of the Monastery. A lovely bar/restaurant with terrace just below the church.
The Sacred Mount Calvary of Domodossola is a Roman Catholic sanctuary on the Mattarella Hill, over… [..]

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Sacro Monte of Santissima Trinita di Ghiffa, holy mountain & calvary Full review
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Spectacular Views and Amazing Hike: It took only 25 minutes to reach the top from the Ghiffa. The breathtaking spectacle of the lake and the serene ambience of the sanctuary were fascinating. Walking through the woods and the stone paths give one a sense of the pilgrims who have been visiting this heritage site for centuries.
The Sacred Mountain of Ghiffa is a Roman Catholic devotional complex in the comune of Ghiffa, Piedm… [..]

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Baceno Full review
avatarpicture alexalittl THE BEST REVIEW
Nice Visit : If you are in Italy, then you must visit this place. There are a lot of hotels here including Casa Fontana. The old chalet has been lovingly renovated to a very high level of comfort. The food is excellent and abundant and perfect after a hard day of snowshoeing - a four course meal with a great choice of wines.
Baceno is a comune in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Italian region Piedmont, locate… [..]

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San Gaudenzio Full review
avatarpicture bulagr THE BEST REVIEW
History and Religion.: San Gaudenzio houses a 15th century manor/castle and a church hidden away in the mountains. Both of the buildings will provide a rich lesson in history and are magnificently built. The church in particular is brilliantly preserved, and the walls of the church are decorated with paintings.

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Vallée de Conches Full review
avatarpicture aidenbearman THE BEST REVIEW
Wonderful Place : We rented the duplex apartment, it is very spacious, well equipped (even a wood stove), modern while keeping the charm of the old. Near the ski slopes! Everything is planned for a pleasant stay. A supermarket is nearby for commissions and several excellent restaurants nearby.

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Church of San Gottardo Full review
avatarpicture noahritchenko THE BEST REVIEW
Just Amazing : Mostly liked the bell tower of the church. Inside - the remains of an ancient fresco. If you are in the Duomo museum - visit because it is on a sightseeing trail and the entrance is paid. If you do not want to go to the museum - just look out of the street.

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Botanical gardens of Isola Madre Full review
Travel picture of Botanical gardens of Isola Madre
The Giardini Botanici dell'Isola Madre are historic botanical gardens located on the grounds of Is… [..]

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Mottarone, mountain peek Full review
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Fantastic Views : During springtime with a sunny day, the view is just incredible with a 360deg panorama seeing from the Alps summit with snow to Milan valley. It takes some time to reach there by car and you have to end up with your feet but definitely worth it. One of the best sceneries I’ve seen in 2018 !!
Mottarone is a mountain in the Western Alps of north-western Italy, with an elevation of 1,492 m. [..]

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Orrido di Saint Anna, gorge Full review
avatarpicture eastonboyer THE BEST REVIEW
Peace: Orrido di Saint Anna, gorge is a very peaceful and tranquil place. The picturesque views and the stunning nature is like music to the soul.The best part is the tasty food, fabulous wine and the brilliant service. A nice place to get away from reality.

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Belvedere di Quarna Sopra, viewpoint Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Must Visit : Lovely place. You feel taken care off all the time. A place that makes you relax as everything is in harmony. The furniture, the food, the yoga, the spa, the rooms. Not a place to go with a group of friends. I came with one friend and that was perfect. But also a place to go alone.

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Borromean Islands Full review
Travel picture of Borromean Islands
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
Great Views: Beautiful Bella Isola island with a palace and garden that exceeds expectations..plan approx. two hours to visit both. And don't make a mistake of buying a three islands boat tour for 15 euro (get a standard ferry). They don't allow u to choose which island to go first to, and you will be stuck waiting to be picked up one time per hour with only ur company boat.
The Borromean Islands are a group of three small islands and two islets in the Italian part of Lag… [..]

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Isola Bella Gardens Full review

Guidebooks    Rate 4 star
Borromeo All'Isola Bella Palace Full review
Travel picture of Borromeo All'Isola Bella Palace
avatarpicture emmabrow THE BEST REVIEW
Highly Recommended : Really impressive. Both the building itself and the gardens are a real delight for tourists who visit this beautiful island. Very well maintained and the guide service also very good. The amount of works of art that can be found is enormous. Totally recommended your visit.

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Giardini Botanici di Villa Taranto Full review
Travel picture of Giardini Botanici di Villa Taranto
The Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto are botanical gardens located on the western shore of Lake Mag… [..]

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Palace and botanic gardens Full review
Travel picture of Palace and botanic gardens
Isola Madre, at 220 m wide and 330 m long, is the largest island of the Isole Borromee archipelago … [..]

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Domodossola, city
Travel picture of Domodossola, city Domodossola is a city and comune in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in t…
Rate 3 stars
Cannero Riviera, small s…
Travel picture of Cannero Riviera, small seaside resort Cannero Riviera , is a comune with a population of 973 and an area of 14.46 sq…
Rate 3 stars
Lido di Cannobio, public…
Rate 3 stars
Santuario della Santissi…
Rate 3 stars
Travel picture of Formazza Formazza is a comune in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Italian r…
Rate 3 stars
Cascata del Toce
Travel picture of Cascata del Toce Cascata del Toce is a waterfall on the Toce river, near Formazza, Piedmont, It…
Rate 3 stars
Miniera d'Oro della Guia
Rate 3 stars
Museo Del Paesaggio - Pa…
Rate 3 stars
Palazzo Isola Madre
Rate 3 stars
Museum of ex-voto
Rate 3 stars
Parco della Villa Pallav…
Rate 3 stars
Parco Villa Pallavicino
Rate 3 stars

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