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Top places to see in Bogota

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Gold Museum Full review
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
A magical dive into the subtle art of pre-colombians: The Gold museum of Bogota is by far the most interesting thing to see in Bogota ! And clearly a must-see museum in South America. Even if you are not at all into gold, you will be fascinated by the subtelty, delicacy and expressivity of all the collection (jewells, artifacts, small metallurgy objects, etc.). You can around in 1.5 hours. It is also a great way of getting introduced to the pre-colo…
The Museum of Gold is a museum located in Bogotá, Colombia. It is one of the most visited touristi… [..]

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Catedral de Sal Full review
Travel picture of Catedral de Sal
avatarpicture lilamosci THE BEST REVIEW
A Wonderful Experience: This place is also known as one of the wonders of Colombia. The best thing about this church is its architecture. There are only two salt cathedrals in the world and this is one of those, another one is in Poland. The place is mysterious and worth visiting.
The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is an underground Roman Catholic church built within the tunnels o… [..]

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Andrés Carne de Res Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Fun Place: Most people come to restaurants to enjoy food but people come here to enjoy the atmosphere. If you are in Bogotá and love Latin Music, then this place is a must visit for you. This place also offers the best Colombian food. The temperature inside the restaurant is low so don't forget to wear a jacket.

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Lake Guatavita Full review
Travel picture of Lake Guatavita
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
A Unique Experience: One of the best lagoons in Colombia and if you need to relish the utmost beauty of this lake, then you must climb the top of it which is roughly 3,000 ft. On entrance hire a tour guide as it is the only way to visit the lake. The elevated views of the lake will make you feel relaxed.
Lake Guatavita is located in the Cordillera Oriental of the Colombian Andes in the municipality of… [..]

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Usaquén colonial village Full review
Travel picture of Usaquén colonial village
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
A beautiful and peaceful colonial village near the center of Bogota: I always stay in Usaquen when I am coming to Bogota for a visit. This little village nearby the center takes you out of the crowded/tiring city. You can wander in the old and peaceful colonial streets, have a break on the small central square, chill out in the trendy but affordable bars and restaurants. During the week-end, it is a great place to shop for local handcraft, listen music and discove…
Usaquén is a residential and commercial locality in northeastern Bogotá, capital of Colombia. It i… [..]

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Cathedral of Colombia Full review
Travel picture of Cathedral of Colombia
avatarpicture lowellschuppe THE BEST REVIEW
An impressive cathedral from outside: Located in the center of Bogota, this cathedral is not exceptional, but it worth a visit. The exteriod facade is magnificient (it is the biggest cathedral in Colombia) when interior remains simple (wooden screens, ...). Some colonial artifacts and paintings can also be see inside.
The Primatial Cathedral of Bogotá , officially the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculat… [..]

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Iglesia de San Francisco Full review
Travel picture of Iglesia de San Francisco
avatarpicture andrewlincoln THE BEST REVIEW
An astounding colonial church: Probably my favorite church in Bogota, near the Gold museum. From outside, it looks like an humble/simple church, but entering in there is just breathtaking. Great combination of lavish golden alter and superb paintings, golden baroque altars and nice sculptures. Ceiling is made of a dark wood and engraved with nice carvings. It provides a strong recollection feeling.

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Iglesia Museo Santa Clara Full review
Travel picture of Iglesia Museo Santa Clara
avatarpicture lowellschuppe THE BEST REVIEW
A small old church richely decorated: Do not miss this museum if your trip brings you to Bogota. It is a deconsecrated baroque church which holds a beautiful collection of religious art. Stunning vault. Numerous paintings and scultures. And a strange exhibition of dead nun portraits.

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Museo Botero Full review
Travel picture of Museo Botero
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Botero's art work in a nice setting: This museum is a good surprise, located in a nice building organized around flowery courtyards. You will find there Botero's art of course (large woman, politicians, animals, FARC leaders, etc.) which you may love or find weird. But also an interesting selection of pieces of works from other major artists (Picasso, Renoir, Dali, etc.). A nice place to spend 1.5 or 2 hours. On top of that, entranc…
The Botero Museum is located in the capital city of Colombia: Bogotá. The museum houses one of Lat… [..]

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Monserrate hill Full review
Travel picture of Monserrate hill
avatarpicture stephaneretra THE BEST REVIEW
A fantastic view on Bogota: Pick a nice and clear day to enjoy the fantastic view on gigantic Bogota (and the mountains around) from the top of the hill. It is very crowded during the weekend. A cable car brings you to the top. Once you are at the top, there is some little walk to do to go around, but nothing difficult. You can find a lot of small shops, mostly for tourists and affordable snack bars. There is also a chic re…
Monserrate is a mountain that dominates the city center of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia. I… [..]

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Museo Nacional Full review
Travel picture of Museo Nacional
avatarpicture pedrokif THE BEST REVIEW
Discover Colombian history: This Colombia's oldest museum, located in a former prison, is a nice place to discover Colombian history and art (until 1965) through an extended collection of gold artifacts and art from the colony up to modern times. Most of information is in Spanish, unfortunately, but a few signs are in English.
The National Museum of Colombia is the National Museum of Colombia housing collections on its hist… [..]

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Suesca rocks
Rate 3 stars
Chicaque Natural Park
Rate 3 stars
San Bernardo Mummies
Rate 3 stars
Museo del Chicó
Rate 3 stars
Palacio de San Carlos
Travel picture of Palacio de San Carlos The San Carlos Palace , is a 16th-century Neoclassical mansion in Bogotá, Colom…
Rate 3 stars
Mirador Torre Colpatria
Travel picture of Mirador Torre Colpatria Torre Colpatria is a 50-story skyscraper located at the downtown area in Bogot…
Rate 3 stars
La Candelaria, Bogota, C…
Travel picture of La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia La Candelaria is the 17th locality of Bogotá, Colombia. A historic neighborhood…
Rate 3 stars
Palacio Liévano
Travel picture of Palacio Liévano The Palacio Liévano or Lievano Palace Is a building located on the west side o…
Rate 3 stars
García Marquez Cultural …
Rate 3 stars
House - Museum Quinta Bo…
Travel picture of House - Museum Quinta Bolívar The Quinta de Bolivar is a colonial house in Bogota, Colombia, that served as a…
Rate 3 stars
Bogotá Museum of Modern …
Travel picture of Bogotá Museum of Modern Art MAMBO The Bogotá Museum of Modern Art is a modern art museum located in Bogotá, Colo…
Rate 3 stars
Usaquén Park
Travel picture of Usaquén Park Usaquén is a residential and commercial locality in northeastern Bogotá, capit…
Rate 3 stars
Simón Bolívar Metropolit…
The Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park, best known as the Simón Bolívar Park, is a…
Rate 3 stars
Capitolio Nacional
Travel picture of Capitolio Nacional Capitolio Nacional is a building on Bolivar Square in central Bogotá, the cons…
Rate 3 stars
Courthouse Alfonso Reyes…
Travel picture of Courthouse Alfonso Reyes Echandia The Palace of Justice of Colombia is a building located in Bolívar Square in t…
Rate 3 stars
Casa de Nariño
Travel picture of Casa de Nariño The Palacio de Nariño or Casa de Nariño is the official home and principal wo…
Rate 3 stars
Coin and bill Production…
Travel picture of Coin and bill Production Museum The Casa de Moneda de Colombia is a Colombian currency museum based in the cit…
Rate 3 stars
Independence Museum - Ca…
Travel picture of Independence Museum - Casa del Florero
Rate 3 stars
Rate 3 stars
Art Collection of the Ba…
Rate 3 stars
Museo Colonial
Rate 3 stars
Tabernacle Chapel
Travel picture of Tabernacle Chapel
Rate 3 stars
Plazoleta Chorro de Quev…
Rate 3 stars
Teatro Colón Bogotá
Travel picture of Teatro Colón Bogotá The Teatro de Cristóbal Colón , also known as the "Teatro Colón", is located in…
Rate 3 stars
Military Museum of Colom…
Rate 3 stars
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