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Goa, Karnataka & Bengaluru
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Top places to see in Goa, Karnataka & Bengaluru

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Virupaksha Temple Full review
avatarpicture alfonsonikolaus THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Architecture: Believed to be live since the 7th-century AD, Virupaksha Temple is one of the oldest functioning temples in India. Lying by the river Tungabadra, this temple lures thousands of devotees and visitors owing to its stunning architecture, intricate carvings, majestic statues and the magnificent pillared hall.

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Mallikarjuna Temple Full review
avatarpicture vincentkos THE BEST REVIEW
Scenic Sight. : Erected at the summit of the picturesquely Nallamalai Hills, Mallikarjuna Temple is considered to be one of the most ancient kshetras in India. It is of great religious and historical significance and is one of the twelve jyotirlingas, i.e. dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva. The sight is quite picturesque, and a makes a pleasant tourist spot.

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Casa Fernandes Full review
avatarpicture derrickoreil THE BEST REVIEW
A Decent Hotel: Located in Nerul in the Goa region, Casa de Fernandes features a garden. The property was built in 2017 and has air-conditioned accommodations with a terrace. This family stay has a bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. There are a seating area and a kitchenette equipped with a microwave.

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Badami Cave Temples Full review
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Stunning Architecture: One of the most exotic rock-cut temples in India, Badami caves are the blend of Dravidian and Nagara style of architecture. There are four caves, three belonging to the Hindu religion and one to Jain's. The caves and pillars have some exquisite carvings and inscriptions, and the surrounding view is quite scenic.
The Badami cave temples are a complex of four Hindu, Jain and possibly Buddhist cave temples locate… [..]

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Chennakeshava Temple Full review
avatarpicture joedalton THE BEST REVIEW
Enthralling Art Work. : An architectural wonder, this temple is an epitome of the Hoysala architecture. Built in the early 12th-century, this beautiful structure is embellished with stunning artwork. The pillars exhibit some of the most unique and intricate carvings in the entire complex. The four hand-chiselled central pillars feature the fascinating carvings of "madanikas" or celestial damsels. The entire struct…
The Chennakeshava Temple, originally called Vijayanarayana Temple , was built on the banks of the … [..]

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Chennakesava Temple, Somanathapura Full review
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
An architectural masterpiece: An epitome of the Hoysala architecture, Somnathpura temple is an ancient mandir dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The intricately carved idol sculptures and the elegantly engraved temple-walls make this monument an architectural masterpiece. The surrounding garden is well-maintained and adds to the grandeur of this historical structure. The temple is a must-visit for esthetes.
The Chennakesava Temple located at Somanathapura is one of the finest examples of Hoysala archite… [..]

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Mysore Palace Full review
avatarpicture nopolarith THE BEST REVIEW
Breathtaking Spectacle: A breathtaking epitome of the Indo - Saracenic architecture, the Mysore Palace is a remarkable edifice located in Mysore. It housed the royalty of Mysore and is still their official residence. The facade of the mansion is an incredible blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic architecture-styles. The flamboyantly decorated and intricately carved doors, the elegantly ornate rooms, the exquisi…
The Palace of Mysore is a historical palace in the city of Mysore in Karnataka, southern India. It … [..]

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Hoysaleshwara Temple or Hoysaleshvara Temple Full review
avatarpicture pedrokif THE BEST REVIEW
'supreme climax of Indian architecture': This temple is amongst the largest shrines dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva. Its extraordinary structure is regarded as an epitome of the Hindu architecture-style, and its architecture is often admired as the 'supreme climax of Indian architecture'. The artwork on the exterior is so intricate and beautiful that it spellbound the visitors. The sculptures of Hindu deities along with the carvings of …
Hoysaleswara temple is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It was built in Halebidu durin… [..]

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Royal Center area Full review
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
A Wonderful Town: If you are in India then simply you can't miss this place. Royal Center had its start in the year 1846 by the building of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad through that territory. Great place, highly recommended!

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Monolithic sculpture of Narasimha (inside the temple) Full review
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
Imposing Statue: The statue is one of the most impressive stone sculptures in India. It is considered to be the largest monolith sculpture in Hampi. The statue is mostly in ruins, however, its brilliance has overshadowed its crumbling structure. It is a prominent tourist attraction and is thronged by thousands of people throughout the year.

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Vittala Temple Full review
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Spellbinding Architectural Site: It is an architectural marvel. Words cannot describe the breathtaking brilliance of this structure. The engrossing and unique stone chariot and the enthralling artistic pillars make this place a feast for visitor's eyes. This imposing monument in Hampi is a major attraction of the impoverished town and is a must-visit for the admirers of brilliance and captivating craftsmanship.

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Basilica of Bom Jesus Full review
avatarpicture isabellaone THE BEST REVIEW
Formidable Mosuleum: It is one of the most famous churches in the whole Roman Catholic world. This formidable building was erected in the 16th-century and houses the tomb and remains of St Francis Xavier, aka Apostle of the Indies. The remains are treasured in a glittering silver coffer. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.
The Basilica of Bom Jesus or Borea Jezuchi Bajilika is located in Goa, India, and is a UNESCO Worl… [..]

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Lalbagh Botanical Garden Full review
Travel picture of Lalbagh Botanical Garden
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
Serene and Eye-Catching: The wonderful garden has some rarest species of flowers and trees--some of the trees are hundreds of years old. It is a wonderful recreational point to spend time with loved ones. It is an amazing place for plant-lovers. One can even buy plants here.
Lalbagh or Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, meaning The Red Garden in English, is a well known botanical … [..]

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Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace Full review
Travel picture of Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
Reliving the magnificence of Mysore: Built by and named after one of the greatest rulers of the Kingdom of Mysore, this palace is spectacularly made exclusively from teak. The elegantly engraved arches embracing the imposing columns, the magnificent balconies, and the majestic stone staircase recounts the glory of Sultan's era for the visitors.
The structure was built entirely teak and stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies. It is … [..]

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Bragança House Full review
avatarpicture ashleeharber THE BEST REVIEW
Breath-Taking Architecture: This palace is of the many houses built by the Portuguese after their conquest of Goa. The radiant Belgian glass chandeliers, glittering Italian marble floors, astonishing antiques, astounding paintings and exquisite furnishings recall the magnificence and grandeur of Portuguese rule here. The house, owing to its splendour and awe-inspiring brilliance is a must-visit for the admirers of beauti…

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Mahadeva Temple Full review
Travel picture of Mahadeva Temple
avatarpicture lowellschuppe THE BEST REVIEW
Wonderful ancient temple: Spectualar is the word that suits best this picturesque sight. The temple is the epitome of the ancient Yadav architecture-style. The pillars inside the temple are exquisitely ornated with beautiful carvings of animals, and the ceiling is adorned with lotus flower engravings. The site is surrounded by lush green woods that add to the magnificence of this historical monuments.
Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla is a 12th-century Shaivite temple of the Lord Mahadeva and an active p… [..]

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Gommateshwara Statue Full review
Travel picture of Gommateshwara Statue
avatarpicture roxanekohl THE BEST REVIEW
Monolithic Statue of Bahubali: Carved out of a single piece of granite and standing 17-meters high, this is of the tallest monolithic statues in the world and was erected as a result of a dream to Kalala Devi, the mother of Chavundraya. This naked structure symbolises the Jain's belief of victory over material desires that impede one's spiritual ascension to divinity.
Gommateshwara Statue is a 57-foot high monolithic statue located at Shravanbelagola in the Indian … [..]

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Flea Market Full review
avatarpicture andrewlincoln THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Market: This market is a wonderful part of the Foa's Beach experience. It was conceived around three decades ago by a group of hippies who sold jeans and some hand-made jewellery to fund their stay in this exotic beach town. The market has merchandise representing the richness of Indian Culture. The collection includes beautiful Tibetan Sculptures and jewellery, colourful Rajasthan saris, bags and beds…

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Jaganmohan Palace Full review
Travel picture of Jaganmohan Palace
avatarpicture joedalton THE BEST REVIEW
Great Palace : Beautiful collection of art work, has a huge collection of arts of numerous artists. It is indeed a feast for art lovers who also want a taste of history. Also has items used by the royal family of Mysore. Has abundant place for parking and shops outside.
Jaganmohan Palace is a palace in Mysore, in the princely city of Mysore, India. Its construction wa… [..]

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Devaraja Market Full review
avatarpicture derrickoreil THE BEST REVIEW
A flamboyant Market in Maysor: Teeming with vibrant life, vivid colours, and rumbling noise, Devarja Market is a must-visit on every tourist's itinerary in Maysor. This 100-year-old market personifies the culture of Maysor's past and present. It definitely is a treat for esthetes and photographers' Shangri-la.

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Durga Temple Full review
Travel picture of Durga Temple
avatarpicture ethannorid THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Architecture: The Durga temple is a renowned worshipping place and tourist attraction at Aihole, Karnata. The temple is set in the Dravidian architecture-style and exhibits some of the delicate carvings and intricate artworks. A feast for photographers, this place is a must-visit for everyone interested in medieval architecture.
The Durga temple is a medieval era Hindu temple located in Aihole in the state of Karnataka, India.… [..]

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Lad Kahn Temple Full review
Travel picture of Lad Kahn Temple
avatarpicture aidenbearman THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful architecture: Dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva, it is one of the oldest temples in Aihole. It is named after a Muslim Prince who dwelled here briefly. The temple is built in Panchayatna architecture style. It consists of a shrine with a 12-pillars mandapa in front of it. The walls and pillars are beautifully carved with floral patterns. It makes an attractive sight to behold.
The Lad Khan Temple, dedicated to Shiva, is one of the oldest Hindu temples and is located in Aihol… [..]

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Watching sunset and sunrise Full review
avatarpicture lilamosci THE BEST REVIEW
Stunning and Fascinating: Kanyakumari is the only site in India where one can enjoy the stunning spectacle of both sunset and sunrise. There are many tourist attractions at this place. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial that houses the statue of the renowned preacher Swami Vivekananda is an architectural marvel. The Padamanabhapuram Palace is another temptation and offers a remarkable scene against the backdrop of toweri…

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Krishna Temple Full review
avatarpicture roxaneback THE BEST REVIEW
Can't Miss This Place : One of the latest temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple was founded by spiritual Guru Kripalu Maharaj. The main structure of the temple is built with white marbles looks amazingly stunning. The only mandar in the vicinity. A must visit!

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Queen's Bath Full review
avatarpicture isabellaone THE BEST REVIEW
Collosal Bath of the royal ladies of the Vijayanagara Empire: This is a large bath that illustrates the architectural ingenuity of the artists of the yore. This 500-years-old bath, built in the Vijayanagara Empire, is an elegant structure with a beautiful interior. The bath was built in the Indo-Islamic style of architecture. Although much of the bath is mostly in ruins, it still is a fascinating display of the glory of ancient times.

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Virupaksha Temple or Shri Virupaksha Temple Full review
Travel picture of Virupaksha Temple or Shri Virupaksha Temple
avatarpicture nikoledo THE BEST REVIEW
Beautiful Surroundings : Beautiful area. Complex is a testament to the outstanding construction capabilities of ancient India. Must for history and architecture geeks. For the layman an active temple with a high religious importance. Not completely wheelchair accessible. Amazing place to visit everyone who were Indian
Virupaksha Temple is located in Hampi 350 km from Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka in southern… [..]

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Daria Daulat Bagh Full review
Travel picture of Daria Daulat Bagh
avatarpicture spiritaway THE BEST REVIEW
Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace: Built by the "Tiger of Mysore," Tipu Sultan, this palace is spectacularly constructed from teakwood in an Indo-Saracenic style. The intricately carved arches, the imposing pillars, the flamboyantly decorated walls carry the essence of Sultan's time. The palace has now been transformed into a museum and displays unique portraits and Sultan's memorabilia. The Museum is surrounded by a lush g…
Daria Daulat Bagh is a palace situated in the city of Srirangapatna, near Mysore in southern India… [..]

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visit the temples on the way from Old Goa to Ponda Full review
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
A series of Great Temples: On your way from Old Goa to Pond, you will get a chance to visit a series of wonderful temples. Some of these temples include Shantadurga Temple, Kavlem, Shree Ayyappa Temple, Ponda, Goa, Shree Ramnath Temple, Vithoba Temple, and Mahalaxmi Temple.

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Saint Sebastian chapel Full review
avatarpicture emmabrow THE BEST REVIEW
A beautiful White Church: It is an attractive church that was built in 1818. Some of the relics, it is believed, date back to the period when the Inquisition was practised here. A remarkable crucifix, at the facade, allures the attention of visitors towards itself.

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Church of St Francis of Assisi Full review
Travel picture of Church of St Francis of Assisi
avatarpicture coltmertz THE BEST REVIEW
Awesome Experience : Very well maintained church. It is a world heritage site. less crowded place good to visit in the evening. Clean and calm place. Excellent architecture. Easily accessible because it is on the roadside. One of the major destination for foreign travelers.
The Church of St. Francis of Assisi was built in 1661 by the Portuguese in the Portuguese Viceroyal… [..]

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Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina Full review
Travel picture of Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
Filled with tranquility: A delightful tourist attraction built in the Portuguese style of architecture and surrounded by beautiful gardens, this place will certainly provide you with a serene and soothing experience. This ornate church contains a glittering Golden bell and many wonderfully embellished shrines. There are beautiful stained glass windows, sculptures of saints and many other distinct artworks.
The Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina, known as Se Cathedral, is the cathedral of the Latin Rite Roman … [..]

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Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church Full review
Travel picture of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
avatarpicture samantharide THE BEST REVIEW
Historic Church: This is one of the most prominent landmarks of Panaji and a beautiful building erected during the Portuguese rule. The distinguishing structure of the temple contains an unusual yet amazing series of zigzag steps that leads devotees and visitors to the prayer hall. A gigantic bell also adorns the facade.
The Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church is located in Panjim, Goa, India. The Church cond… [..]

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