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San Andrés y Providencia
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Top places to see in San Andrés y Providencia

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Isla de Providencia Full review
avatarpicture alexalittl THE BEST REVIEW
Undamaged and Unpopulated: This is one of the best islands in Colombia. It is the Carribean Island which we see in films. The best thing is it is not populated as it is pretty tough to reach the island. If you ever been to this place, don't miss the blue lagoon. The atmosphere is pretty calm and cozy. The water changes color and is also known as the sea of thousand colors.
Isla de Providencia or Old Providence is a mountainous Caribbean island part of the Colombian depar… [..]

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Providencia Peak Full review
avatarpicture sandrotrip THE BEST REVIEW
A Challenging But Adventurous Hike: The hike is quite long, so you should be in good physical condition to complete the hike. All the trails are well marked and there are bridges all the way through. But don't go there in the rainy season as it is quite difficult to hike in the mud.

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Old Providence Mc Bean Lagoon National Park Full review
Travel picture of Old Providence Mc Bean Lagoon National Park
avatarpicture jessybarhinger THE BEST REVIEW
Simply Outstanding: The place is full of natural specie which make the park more eye-catching. If you are fond of swimming, this is the best place you can ask for. In short, it is also known as paradise of Colombia.
The Old Providence McBean Lagoon National Natural Park is a national park located on the northeast… [..]

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